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Model life: first steps

Жизнь модели в Милане

Model life: first steps. All those who think that the life of a model is just to walk a couple of steps on the podium or pose a couple of times in front of the camera, are wrong! Let’s slightly open the curtain of this intriguing fashion world with its main protagonists – models.

We’ll talk to
22-year-old Italian model Diana Targa, who in her four-year career already boasts experience working with the world’s modeling agencies.

Diana is currently working with an elite Milanese agency.

Модели в Милане
Diana Targa

First, let’s find out where to start for every girl who wants to conquer the world’s catwalks, and what physical data to possess to become a real model?

First of all, it is necessary to take into account your physical data, they must meet certain parameters: the proportions of your body and legs, the girth of your chest, waist and hips, and, of course, height. A cute face is not so important, because, after all, the model is like a living dummy, where the most important factor is your body appearance, not as such beauty in the full sense of the word.

So, suppose you have this data, what should you do next to enter the fashion world?

The next step is to find a model agency that will represent you in the global fashion market. Still seems a little too simple, but it’s gonna be the most interesting thing right now.

models in milan
Diana Targa model

Can you tell us how and when the model starts working by joining a modeling agency?

If you think that clients call a model agency to hire only you, then you are wrong! It would be great if it was like this! But, unfortunately, the situation is quite different: the model, figuratively speaking, must “beat his legs in the blood”, bypassing a lot of castings to get the cherished job.

Diana, can you share your personal modeling career story?

My adventures began at the age of 18, when I started making my first “clumsy” steps in the fashion world. I was young, full of hopes and dreams, but the cold shower washed my head right away. I, like many others, believed that it was small enough to start a modeling career. My height of 182 cm in the teenage period created me a lot of complexes, I was like a giant in the world of “little dwarfs”, and about women’s forms I am silent. And I thought I could find my true purpose in the fashion world because I was denied sports.

фотосъёмка модели

So you had the right physical data?

Yes, of course, that’s why it wasn’t a big deal to find the agency, it was enough just to send a couple of photos of myself with the specified dimensions, and I was asked to come to the interview to get acquainted in person.

And how did you start working?

Casting is the routine of every model that they don’t like very much, to put it mildly. The number of castings is huge. They send you your casting schedule every night for the next day, and that’s how you live without knowing what awaits you tomorrow.

Кастинги моделей

Tell me more about the castings

Casting is a kind of interview for each model, in which, however, they do not talk much. Every day, we beat our legs by attending dozens of castings, in rain, snow and the scorching sun, you can stand in line for hours to appear to your client. Actually, clients are used to the fact that models don’t talk much. That’s how the story happened to my girlfriend, who lost her job because she was chatty! However, that’s not what this is about. Let’s get back to the model castings, the sequel follows.
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