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When it’s right to drink cappuccino in Italy

Capuchino po-italiansky

Italian cappuccino:

When it’s right to drink cappuccino in Italy. Since we are in Italy, let’s try the most delicious Italian hot drink – cappuccino! Italians have a culture of food in the blood, if only for breakfast or at noon and in no way in the evening, or after the meal (as many lovers of large American coffee portions like).

Answering the question: “Why don’t you drink cappuccino after dinner or lunch?”, the Italians will start talking about how the stomach will swell after a large portion of milk, etc. Knowing our culture, where you can drink herring with milk, you might think that you can have a cappuccino for dinner. But since we’re in Italy, let’s follow the food culture.
If you order a cappuccino in the evening at the restaurant, of course, it will be brought to you, but the waiter will usually laugh or say that it is not made at a later time.

For those who are used to drinking lattes: try to replace it with a cappuccino in Italy and you won’t regret it, because Italian cappuccino is the perfect combination of milk and coffee, you can say the classic!

Expressions for the record:
Cappuccino con cacao cappuccino with cacaoCarruccino
con cannella-cappuccino with cinnamonCarruccino
con latte di soia-cappuccino using soya milkPrice
: 1.20-1.40 euros (if you don’t sit at a table and drink while standing at a bar).