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What to try in Milan. Top 10 Hot Chocolate Tasting Places

Шоколад в Милане

It’s time to share places in Milan where they serve delicious hot chocolate. A cup of chocolate drink with your favorite additives is the best dessert and drink during winter walks.

The 10 best places to taste delicious hot chocolate in Milan:

Farage cioccolato

Situated in the heart of Brera, Farage is considered one of the best in the area. Outside, the place looks like a jewelry store. How beautiful it is here! Exquisite interior details and accessories create an incredible atmosphere.

Farage cioccolatoAnd for those who don’t know what kind of hot chocolate to choose, try “cioccolata dell’indeciso” – you will be served two tastes in one cup. What could be better?
Farage Cioccolato Via Brera 5, Milano. 02 78623698. Open daily (Mon-Fri. 8-19; sb. 10-19; all. (12-19).

Zaini Milano

Historic boutique located next to Corso Como. Hot chocolate here is fantastic. Also here you can buy chocolate products in very unusual packages, the decoration of sweets here deserves special attention.

Zaini Milano Zaini шоколадZaini Milano Via De Cristoforis 5, Milano. 02.694914449. It’s open every day.


I can’t say if it’s a café named after the movie “Chocolate”, but the hot chocolate drink here is incredible. A few steps away from Cadorna is a must stop for sweet toothpaste. You can even try hot chocolate with pepper or ginseng.

Chocolat MilanoChocolat Milano Via Boccaccio 9, Milano. 02 481 005 97. Open daily until 23.


Historic chocolate bar just a stone’s throw away from Cairoli. Those who like to experiment with tastes will like it. In addition to the traditional hot chocolate, we also offer unusual drinks, such as caffè foresta, a strong coffee with chocolate mousse. Real happiness in one cup of chocolate.

Gay Odin

Gay Odin Via S. Giovanni sul Muro 19, Milano. 02 39663509. Open daily (Mon-Fri 7:30-19:30, Sat 9:30-19_30, Sun 10-14).


The elegant pastry shop in the heart of Milan needs no introduction. Just the perfect pause for a luxurious breakfast or a cup of hot chocolate in the heart of Milan.

Marchesi MilanoMarchesi 1824 Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Milano | Maria alla Porta 11/a | Open daily from 7.30 to 21.


It’s a great place on Corso Genova. A variety of flavors of chocolate drink: amaretto, pistachio, caramel cream and nuts.
Botega caffè cacao Corso Genova, 27, Milano. Open daily (Mon-Fri 7:30-21, pp.-sb.-vs. 7:30-22).

Bottega Caffe

A place in the center of Milan, which has gained its popularity thanks to a huge variety of coffee and chocolate drinks. Hot chocolate with tiramisu, nut and gianduia taste.

CapuccinoCa’piccono Via Malpighi, 1, Milano. Daily (7:30-21).


Chocolate boutique, where you can not only buy branded sweets, but also try hot chocolate with rum, nuts and other flavors.

VenchiVENCHI Via dei Mercanti, 21, Milano. Daily (10 -22).


On Cesare Correnti Street in Enrico Rizzi Milano, chocolate is served with 8 spices: Himalayan salt, coriander, cardamom from Indonesia, cinnamon, ginger and pepper. For those who are intolerant to milk, a special black chocolate on a water bath and with mineral water. Sounds original, doesn’t it?
Enrico Rizzi Milano Via Cesare Correnti, 5, Milano. Daily from 10 to 20.


not only does it attract attention with its rich selection of hot chocolate flavors, but also with its cup design itself. The historic Turin brand in Milan also offers products for making hot chocolate at home.

Guido GobinoGuido Bobino Corso Garibaldi, 39, Milano. Daily (10-20).
Where do you prefer to drink hot chocolate in Milan? Have you met these places yet? Do you have any other favorite places to recommend?