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What to see in Vigevano. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, 35 km from Milan

Виджевано Италия

It often happens that small cities in Italy can tell even more about the country, plunging you into the local atmosphere and Italian flavor. I want to introduce you to another very interesting town, Vigevano, located 35 km. from Milan. The city enjoys popularity for its frequent exhibitions, as well as for its huge number of historical and cultural monuments.
Vigevano deserves to be visited by the fact that here is located one of the largest fortresses in Europe, as well as one of the most beautiful squares in Italy. Well, do you want to see all this beauty with your own eyes?

So, what to look at in Vigevano:

Among the attractions of Vigevano is the Torre del Bramante tower, which offers stunning views of the entire city. The tower was built about 300 years ago, and it is not surprising that it got its name in honor of the architect who finally finished its construction. The first stone of the tower was laid in 1198, but it was only with Ludovico il Moro that the tower took on the appearance we see it now.

Torre del BramanteAnother symbol of Vigevano is the Castello di Vigevano-Castle, one of the largest fortification complexes in Europe. Its construction dates back to 1345. The total area of the whole complex is 36 thousand square meters, so that you understand it is twice as large as the area of Buckingham Palace.

And the main pearl of Vigevano is the Renaissance square of piazza Ducale, which is considered one of the most beautiful squares in Italy. The area is almost entirely surrounded by arcades. You should see her alive to see what she’s considered the most beautiful. The square is impressive in its size: length 134 m and width 48 m, the beauty of the cobblestone ornaments, which laid out the square, porticoes of dozens of columns around the perimeter. Perfect symmetry, a real example of classic Italian design. By the way, the square served as the royal entrance to the castle, it also houses the baroque Duomo di Sant’Ambrogio.

Piazza Ducale VigevanoThe city of Vigevano is also famous for being the capital of Italian shoe making. The shoe making machines that were produced here were used by the whole of Europe. The townspeople even erected a monument with the inscription “Shoemaker of Italy”.

A great place for a weekend stroll, there’s plenty to see and do and where to stay for a taste of the local drinks and cuisine.
Have a nice trip!

How to get to Vigevano

You can get to Vigevano by train from the station Milano P.ta Genova, travel time about 30 minutes.