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What else can I see in Milan? Isola Quarter


Where do you start your first acquaintance with Milan? Of course, from the white marble cathedral of Duomo, the magnificent Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the majestic Castello Sforzesco, as well as from a visit to Chiesa di Sant’Ambrogio, the bohemian area of Brera, the most picturesque canals on the Navigli and Colonne di San Lorenzo, without forgetting about the museums. And what about someone who has been to Milan many times, who is already well acquainted with its many attractions, but still eager to discover the picturesque streets, where the real Milanese life is bubbling up.

Isola Quarter in Milan

For those looking for interesting places to visit in Milan, I suggest that you take a look at the Isola quarter, which has recently become very popular for its abundance of bars, restaurants and other interesting places where you can have a great evening. This historic quarter, while retaining its original identity, has become a futuristic neighborhood. Recently, Isola has been transforming into a trendy neighborhood, retaining a bit of an underground. The neighbourhood of Isola is home to Porta Nuova skyscrapers and the most popular nightlife streets of Corso Como and Corso Garibaldi. In Italian, “Isola” means “Island”, the name of the quarter is derived from its isolated location in the rest of Milan.

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What are the places to visit in the popular Isola neighborhood? Here are a few places where the Italians themselves are the avid visitors:

The Ratanà Tavern:

This property is famous not only for its original atmosphere, but also for its amazing cuisine. It is a modern Ratanà inn where you can taste real Milanese risotto and must try dish for those who come to Milan. Meals on the menu vary by season, with large portions and impeccable quality from the chef to satisfy every gourmet.

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Wooding Bar

Wooding Bar, where you can taste unique cocktails based on forest products. This bar has been a huge success lately. Where else can you taste the water with the smell of forest fir and other. And right next to the Wooding Bar, there’s another cute 60s-style place called Into the Wild. Very pleasant atmosphere and amazing liqueurs of this institution will not disappoint you.

Wooding Bar

Osteria del Verme

The traditional Osteria del Verme tavern with its home-style atmosphere, which has been very popular ever since 1944, should not be overlooked. Traditional northern cuisine, large portions and cozy atmosphere.

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The Frida facility

We’re talking about a favorite place for Italian youth. Frida is a great place to spend an evening with friends and also to enjoy a drink on the beautiful outdoor terrace. It is a favourite informal place where you can sit at a table in the courtyard in a warm season. There is also a clothing boutique where you can buy vintage outfits.

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Jazz club Blue Note

Well, if you want to try something unusual, go to the Blue Note-historical jazz club in New York City, where, thanks to the musicians and fine cuisine, you can have a wonderful evening.

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And now it’s up to you to decide what to try and where to go in this interesting neighborhood;)