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    Vintage shops in Milan, shopping in the fashion capital

    5 vintage shops, which are worth noting while in the fashion capital.
    Milan is rich in boutiques, not only with the latest collections, but also with vintage boutiques, where you can find treasures from the lifetime collections of eminent fashion designers. Explore the popular vintage shops in the city centre, which can be envied by even the most famous boutiques on the Montenapoleone. Enjoy a riot of lace and embroidery as well as incredible fabrics and accessories.

    Where to buy elegant handbags, charming brooches and dresses from famous fashion designers in Milan? Vintage Gucci, Valentino, Chanel and Versace in Milan in the famous vintage boutiques in the center of Milan.

    Vintage stores in Milan:


    You want anything from Chanel? Near Sforza Castle at Foro Buonaparte 74, you will find the most beautiful vintage shop Madame Pauline Vintage. Vintage enthusiasts are well acquainted with this pearl in the city centre. Feminine scarves and scarves from Hermès, Prada shoes, Jimmy Choo sandals, Christian Dior jewelry, cute dresses and brooches.

    Be sure to drop in here in person to discover the entire range of luxury items on your own, inspiration provided.
    Address: Foro Buonaparte, 74, 20121 Mobile


    At Via Fratelli Bronzetti 11, next to Piazza XXII Marzo is one of the most famous boutiques of antique accessories in Milan.
    The boutique, present at both Forte dei Marmi and Pesaro, specializes in bags and accessories such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermès. There is also a rich collection of antique jewelry.

    Chanel bag MilanAddress: Via Fratelli Bronzetti, 11
    Official website

    A classic shop where you come to find a unique item. It is no coincidence that famous fashion houses often come here to emphasize the inspiration for creating their new collections.
    Address: Via Brera 2, Milapo Official


    A vintage boutique worth a visit for fashion masterpieces and precious jewelry from the 18th-19th century.
    In addition to the fact that you can see unexpected vintage things, you will have the opportunity to learn a lot from the history of fashion. On the ground floor there is a collection of clothes and accessories of the 60s and 90s from Chanel, Armani and Yves Saint Lauren.
    Address: Corso Garibaldi 79
    Official website

    Milan vintageMilan vintage магазинVINTAGE DELIRIUM

    This boutique can be called a real work of art. One of the elegant doors on Brera at via Giuseppe Sacchi offers a rich selection of vintage items collected by the collector. Chanel evening dresses and Yves Saint Laurent jackets, as well as a collection of accessories from Jacassi in precious materials.
    Address: Via Giuseppe Sacchi, 3, 20121 Official

    Винтаж МиланVintage Delirium в Милане

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