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Creativity of the legendary Jean-Paul Hood in Milan

жан поль гуд

In the visual world, he opened up a world of new advertising full of fantasy and bright colors

There is no one word to describe the work of Jean Paul Hood. For more than 40 years the extravagant master has been embodying himself in illustrations, photography, video, stylistics, advertising and show. He was the one who shot Naomi Campbell on an elephant, Kim Kardashian with a glass of champagne on the most discussed part of her body, and for his muse Grace Jones created a series of extravagant photographs and shows that inspired Rihanna, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.

Jean-Paul Hood is considered to be one of the most provocative masters of contemporary visual art. The result of his creative career is TOD’S in the Padiglione di Arte Contemporanea (Padiglione di Arte Contemporanea). So Far So Goude” exhibition covers the most famous works that decorated the pages and covers of the best world magazines.

жан-поль гуд
Naomi Campbell
Жан Поль Гуд
Paper Magazine with Kim Kardashian on the cover, 2014

Born in 1940 in the suburbs of Paris. Father’s French, mother’s American, former Broadway dancer. Initially, Jean-Paul planned to become a ballet dancer, but after unsuccessful trials this dream had to be abandoned. Dancing has certainly influenced his vision – it is difficult to find static personnel among his works.

Жан-Поль Гуд
Bjork, 2007

Hood started his career as a shop window designer and illustrator for Marie Claire magazine and was then invited to Esquire. By that time, Jean-Paul Hood had already established himself as a first-class artist and continued to create such unforgettable illustrations as Mao with a plastic toy by Donald Duck.

Жан Поль Гуд
Mao in the water, 1972

Perhaps the most famous of the women, the key figure inspiring Jean-Paul to create his works remains the dark-skinned disco diva Grace Jones, who will later become not only his model, muse, but also the mother of his son. Later, Hood and Jones will break up. It was she who was in the commercial for the new Citroën Cx 2, the 1985 clip that was banned in many countries.

Жан-Поль Гуд
“Blue-Black In Black On Brown, Grace Jones, 1981

The second museum, which influenced the work of the photographer, was the Frenchwoman Farid Kelf. After meeting Hood, they worked together on his projects for various magazines and advertising campaigns.

Жан Поль Гуд
Farida Helfa, 1985

Each work by Jean-Paul is endowed with creativity, a touch of subtle humour and love for the endless beauty of women. One of his characteristic techniques is the creation of a surreal collage of Polaroid pieces. There’s something about it from Dali, Man Ray and Hamilton at the same time, but it’s still very original. It is one of the first to introduce the concept of gender equality into fashion. It was Jean-Paul who turned the feminine Letizia Caste for the Paris department store Lafayette Gallery into a man in a tuxedo. But what impresses me most is his talent as a film maker. For me, the name Jean-Paul Hood is an example of one of the best creators of modern advertising. Words can’t tell you that, you have to watch it.

When it seems difficult to surprise and everything is invented before us, Jean-Paul Hood never ceases to excite the imagination and inspire. Now we know where Philipp Plein came up with the idea for his spring-summer show.

The retrospective “So Far So Goude” in Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea combines 230 photos of Jean-Paul Hood: These are sketches for Esquire magazine, numerous portraits of Grace Jones, and famous advertising campaigns for Chanel, Kenzo, Guerlain, Cacharel, Vionnet, Shiseido, as well as incomparable portraits of fashion designers – Valentino Garavani, Jean-Paul Godet, Azzedine Alayi and Mark Jacobs. You can’t miss that at all. The exhibition will run until June 19.

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