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Turban or bandage. Ideas on how to wear

In addition to the straw hat and baseball cap, you can cover your head in hot weather and decorate it in dozens of ways.
Thrill the shawl lovers! The bandages and turbans this season are at their peak. And although I have a relationship with this subject at ВЫ🙄, I’m pushing the limits of my usual view and sharing ideas on how to use silk friends in a stylish and appropriate way this summer!
The bandage is more understandable and less demanding to the general look, unlike turbans, so I’ll start with it!

Tie-in and Distributed Fibers



it’s not just a piece of shawl on the head, it’s an independent object covering the whole head (safety from sunstroke, nobody canceled). Virtowns wear this thing African women for whom the turban is a daily attribute of clothing. But if you reduce the degree of paint or the volume of wrapped shawl, then comes out quite urban variant of the headgear. Well, on the beach, it’s the #masterhave of any sea отпуска👌🏻
Looking for your вариант👇🏻

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By Anna Sergienko