Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Lakes, abbeys and villas near Milan. What to visit near Milan

There is little time left before the warm sunny days, the perfect weather to go on a trip to new places. You don't have to go too far to relax and change the situation.

Lake Como and the city of Varenna, what to see and how to get there

This place attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the world with its beauty. We are talking about the amazing town of Varenna, located on the eastern shore of Lake Como. Wish to see the stunning scenery of one of the most popular lakes in Italy

Journey to Lake Como Orrido di Bellano and its waterfall

Where else to go with Milan to travelers for incredible experiences and landscapes? The most popular country trips in the vicinity of Milan are trips to Lake Como

The most beautiful places of Lombardy, panoramic sites of Milan

In the north of Italy, there are many panoramic sites and terraces, from where you can enjoy amazing views of nature, mountains and lakes. I suggest we take a look at Lombardy's pop-up points.

A journey near Milan. Bellagio and Como, what to visit and where to eat

What are the places to visit in the vicinity of Milan or what else can you see next to the famous Lake Como? Returning from another Sunday trip to new places, I'm in a hurry to share new ideas for spending time outdoors for those who crave new experiences, as well as gastronomic offers.

Rest on Lake Como Bajta Monte Goj. A journey near Milan

Do you love outdoor travel and recreation? If you are also a lover of new adventures and like to relax in the countryside, I want to share with you a stunning place that will surely appeal to connoisseurs of real Italian dishes, as well as scenic nature.

The lakes near Milan. What to see on Lake Como, Garda, Iseo and Orta

Once you have met Milan, each of you will want to see the picturesque shores of the nearby lakes. Being in the center of the fashion capital, you can easily limit an unforgettable day in one of the following picturesque places.

A journey near Milan. Lake Como and the amazing Orrido di Nesso

Journey around Milan Lake Como Orrido Nesso. Once again we go outside of Milan to enjoy the incredible panorama of beautiful mountain scenery and colorful villas of Lake Como. Even if you've been to this stunning lake many times before, there's always a new place to be that's gonna take in an incredible scenery

Lake Como near Milan and the unique beach of Riva Bianca

Unique beach Riva Bianca Lake Como near Milan is the unique beach of Riva Bianca. Just an hour's drive from Milan you can plunge into a real lake and mountain fairy tale. One of the most beautiful lakes in the world, La...

James Bond 007 and Star Wars were filmed here. Villa del Balbianello on Lake Como

Villa del Balbianello in Lenno on Lake Como Now let's talk about one of the most beautiful places on Lake Como! Anyone who gets in here for once will really know what this is about. The immense beauty of Villa Balbianello attracts not only many tourists

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Duomo Cathedral’ Statue of Liberty in Milan

The majestic Duomo Cathedral on the main square of the city captures thousands of tourists every day, and have you ever paid attention to the statue above the main entrance of the Duomo? Doesn't it remind you of another equally famous statue?