Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Montevecchia: a trip out of town to “The Old Mountain”

Have you ever woken up on Sunday with the desire to escape from the city? Sometimes it is not required to go far away to relax from the the city hustle. I have a good proposal for you.

Monferrato: a charming day-trip among wine and castles

Italy is not only the largest wine-producing country in the world by volume, it is also the uncontested champion of wine diversity, counting with more unique grape varieties than any other countries on Earth.

The wine region of Oltrepo Pavese: a little Tuscany close to Milan

It is not strictly necessary to go to Tuscany or Piedmont to enjoy wine tasting or gastronomical adventure. Just about 50 km south of Milan you can find a stunning stretch of land still fairly unknown to tourists. Here gastronomy, nature and art harmoniously coexist.

What to see near Milan. City of Soncino and Castle Castello Sforzesco di Soncino

It's time for a warm start in the middle of nowhere. What could be better than a country trip on a weekend? We continue our review of the travels in the vicinity of Milan. This time we have Soncino in the province of Cremona waiting for us

What to see in Vigevano. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, 35 km from Milan

It often happens that small cities in Italy can tell even more about the country, plunging you into the local atmosphere and Italian flavor. I want to introduce you to another very interesting town, Vigevano, located 35 km. from Milan

Lakes, abbeys and villas near Milan. What to visit near Milan

There is little time left before the warm sunny days, the perfect weather to go on a trip to new places. You don't have to go too far to relax and change the situation.

The city of Verona what to see and how to get from Milan

Let's get to know the incredible city of love and romance in Italy! Did you guess which city this is about? Of course, about Verona. This is where many people dream of going to see the famous Juliette's house alive, where they still receive daily love letters from all over the world.

Lake Como and the city of Varenna, what to see and how to get there

This place attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the world with its beauty. We are talking about the amazing town of Varenna, located on the eastern shore of Lake Como. Wish to see the stunning scenery of one of the most popular lakes in Italy

What to see in Bergamo in one day

The city of Bergamo attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the world every day. Just 50 km away from Milan, in the picturesque foot of the Alps, you will be able to experience the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, enjoy walks through narrow streets, see the breathtaking panorama and a lot of sightseeings.

The most beautiful places of Lombardy, panoramic sites of Milan

In the north of Italy, there are many panoramic sites and terraces, from where you can enjoy amazing views of nature, mountains and lakes. I suggest we take a look at Lombardy's pop-up points.

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Duomo Cathedral’ Statue of Liberty in Milan

The majestic Duomo Cathedral on the main square of the city captures thousands of tourists every day, and have you ever paid attention to the statue above the main entrance of the Duomo? Doesn't it remind you of another equally famous statue?