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Tomato sauce is the king of Italian canned food

Tomatnij italianskij pomidornij sous

Tomato sauce is the most widely used sauce in Italy, another must have Italian hostess. Cooking sauce is very simple, just take note of a few simple but important rules.
Taking into account the fact that in our country the purchase of imported tomato Italian sauce can cost you a lot, try to prepare natural Italian sauce without preservatives at home.

-red, fleshy, cylindrical tomatoes, 2 kg
to taste

Stage 1. Check every tomato by removing rotten and wrinkled tomatoes. Remove the stems and rinse very well.

passata 1Stage 2. Cut the tomatoes in half and remove the seed core.

passata 1Stage 3. Place the tomatoes in a large pot and boil them over low heat with the lid on. From time to time stir until the tomatoes are soft.passata 1Stage 4. Using a blender at low speed, wipe the sauce in the mashed potatoes. Transfer the ready-made mixture into a small stainless steel pan.

passata 1Stage 5. If the tomato sauce has the desired consistency, you can put it in bottles.

passata 1If the sauce is very liquid, filter it through a sieve until it becomes the desired consistency.
Stage 6. Stylize cans in boiling water for 30 minutes. Put a few basil leaves inside each sterile vessel.

passata 1Stage 7. Pour tomato sauce into sterilized jars with a funnel, leaving 2-3 centimetres of free space from the edge of the jar. Place a few basil leaves on top and close the jars tightly.

passata 1Stage 8. Now put the cans in a big pot, put a towel over them.

passata 1 As soon as it boils, let it boil for another 30 minutes. Let me cool down in the water they’ve been cooking in.
Remove and wipe the jars, check that the vacuum is correct: if you do not feel the “click-clack” vacuum is formed by pressing the lid.
If the lid has changed shape, repeat the boiling process. Put ready-made cans of sauce in a cool, dark place to store.

Canned tomato puree can be stored for one year in a cool and light-proof place.