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The most colorful cities of Italy. Journey from North to South

Италия Венеция

These colorful facades of houses in the most popular Italian cities attract the attention of thousands of tourists from all over the world with their beauty. Let’s get acquainted with the fairytale cities of Italy, where it seems as if we are looking at a painted picture. Keep your cameras ready, you’ll find breathtaking scenery. So 16 places that are worth a visit to fans of bright colors and picturesque panoramas.

The most colorful cities of Italy on a trip from the North to the South:

1. Burano (Veneto)

Cute two and three-storey houses overlooking the picturesque Venetian canals. The city of Burano is a real king among the brightest cities in Italy. Burano became famous all over the world for its multi-colored fishing houses, which still give it an extraordinary charm.


2. Procida (Campania)

Marina Corricella is the oldest seaport on the island of Procida. The fishermen’s houses here form a kind of amphitheatre on the sea like a rainbow. The houses are pastel-colored and the streets are decorated with arches of different shapes.

Procida Италия

3. Riomaggiore (Liguria)

One of the most popular areas in Liguria, famous for its charming villages – Cinque Terre. Riomaggiore with its colorful facades is one of the most beautiful places in this area.

Riomaggiore 4. Manarola (Liguria)

From the Cinque Terre we go to Manarola, to the colored city on the rocks. A sea balcony where every street, square and terrace offers a panorama of unprecedented beauty. It’s a real sight!

5. Castelsardo (Sardegna)

One of the most charming places in Sardinia. Roccia dell’Elefante Elephant Mountain is not far from here. In addition to the fabulous sea and beaches, you can also visit the colorful center here. Bright houses fit so well into the blue of the sea and the green hills.


6. Positano (Campania)

Beautiful place on the Amalfi coast so popular with celebrities and VIPs. Thanks to its location, Positano guarantees a breathtaking view of one of the most beautiful coasts of Italy. Well, do you want to see this beauty alive already?

7. Comacchio (Emilia Romagna)

This place is also called Little Venice. It’s not hard to understand why, because the bridges and canals here are so Buranolike. If you are a fan of pink, you should definitely visit La Salina di Comacchio, where the largest flock of pink flamingos in Italy is located.

La Salina di Comacchio

8. Boccadasse (Liguria)

We will return to Liguria again to visit the Ligurian corner, which is not once mentioned in the list of the brightest cities in Italy. Bocodasse is a must-visit point when visiting Genoa.


9. Sant’Angelo d’Ischia

In contrast to the colourful towns described by you, the elegant pastel-coloured town of Sant’ Angelo.

Sant' Angelo Ischia
10. Portofino (Liguria)

One of the favorite places for tourists in Liguria is Portofino. The town was awarded the honorary “Blue Flag” for its purest sea water and beaches. Crystal sea, legendary square and colorful houses. A real Italian dolce Vita.

Portofino11. Ponza (Lazio)

Many tourists visit this place in summer to enjoy its beaches. Once here, you will be surprised by the beauty of the port of Porto Borbonico di Ponza. Yellow, red, blue and orange! What a sight! Everybody’s gonna love the colorful Ponza.

12. Varenna (Lombardia)

Lake Como Paradise. The town of Varenna is on the list of its most beautiful towns.

13. Portovenere (Liguria)

Here we are again in Liguria. Among the most colorful cities of Italy it is impossible not to mention Portovenere, this Ligurian pearl can be visited in 1 day, admiring every corner and street. Among the places that are recommended to visit in Portevenere – “Palazzata a mare” – a number of houses with colorful facades: from red and yellow to green and orange.

14. Lazise (Veneto)

One of the most beautiful Borgoes on the shore of Lake Garda is Lazise. Once you reach its port, you will be surrounded by colorful flowers from red and yellow to pink and orange.


15. Vernazza (Liguria)

The pearl of Cinque Terre, now a medieval town with narrow streets and colorful houses. If you want to see the best view of Liguria, then go up to Castello di Vernazza.

16. Bosa (Sardegna)

The journey to find the most colorful cities in Italy ends in Borgo di Bosa. A wide range of colors is available for photography enthusiasts. The city welcomes its guests with bright colors of houses, Bosa is a fairytale place, the peculiarity of it is the multicolored houses that create a joyful mood.