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The city of Verona what to see and how to get from Milan


Let’s get to know the incredible city of love and romance in Italy! Did you guess which city this is about? Of course, about Verona. This is where many people dream of going to see the famous Juliette’s house alive, where they still receive daily love letters from all over the world.
The ancient city, famous in Shakespeare’s play, stretches on the banks of the Adige River near Lake Garda. But since 2000. Verona is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
A trip to Verona is an ideal mini-trip for those who want to get out of Milan and visit no less interesting places during their trip to Italy.

How to get to Verona

The historic centre of Verona is easily accessible by train from Milan. The Porta Nuova station is just over a kilometre away from the centre of Verona, and the way on foot is not difficult. Buses 11, 12, 13, 14, 72 and 73 are also available from the station to the city centre. Here you can save a map of Verona with the main sights.
By the way, the best time to visit Verona is Valentine’s Day week, during which the city is decorated with the colors of love as never before. And now to get acquainted with the sights of Verona, which is worth a visit.

Verona San Valentino

Piazza Brà

Piazza Brà is on the list of the most famous squares in Italy. Here you can see the Palazzo della Gran Guardia, the City Hall and the Lapidario Maffeiano Museum.

Piazza Bra Верона

Verona Arena

Passing by the park, in front of the Palazzo della Gran Guardia, you’ll see the walls of the Verona Arena, the most famous Roman amphitheatre in the world. Numerous events and concerts are held here, and the amphitheatre is considered to be the third largest after the Roman Colosseum and the arena in Capua. The Verona Arena has been used as an opera house since the 20th century.

Арена Вероны

Piazza delle Erbe

From the Arena of Verona I advise you to go to no less popular Piazza delle Erbe. Here you will cross the main shopping street in Verona – Via Mazzini. According to historical information, Piazza delle Erbe is located where the city’s social and economic centre was located in Roman times.

Torre dei Lamberti

To see the city from a height, climb to the highest point of the city – the 84 meter high Torre dei Lamberti Tower. The panorama is delightful. You can see the whole of Verona in the palm of your hand, from the green hills to the river.

Torre dei Lamberti

Juliette Casa di Giulietta’s house

It is worth visiting the Casa di Giulietta, which is located near Piazza delle Erbe. This is where the tragic events of Shakespeare’s play took place. In Juliet’s world-famous home, you can take a picture with her famous statue and write a love letter on the wall.

Дом Джульетты

Piazza dei Signori and le Arche Scaligere complex

From the Casa di Giulietta, you can reach the Arch of the Scaligers through Piazza dei Signori, another characteristic square in Verona. In the Arch of the Scaligers complex, important and influential people of the Della Scala family are at rest.

Do you still have some time left to go for a walk around Verona?

I also advise you to visit the House of Romeo, located next to the Arche Scaligere complex, which is a vivid example of a Gothic building, to reach the Gothic castle of Castelvecchio, built in the VIII century as a defensive fortress, as well as to visit the bridge of Skligers Ponte Scaligero. I’m sure you won’t regret it.