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Svetlana Damilano: personal stylist, shopper and style consultant


“I don’t chase fashion, its trends, I prefer style, comfort. I use the same principles in my work. I like to work with clients who choose quality, functionality, individuality and do not “chase” the notorious brands. More than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, including 12 years in Milan with private clients. I work with any budget, in boutiques and athletes, including suburban ones.

An important result of my work, a happy and stylish client who comes back to me. The client, dressed with taste, convenient, in things with an excellent combination of price / quality. I worship customers who are not “obsessed” with brands that prefer smart shopping. Implying a reasonable combination of things of different price categories, regardless of the label

Svetlana Damilano’s work concepts:

– Works more than 20 years in the fashion industry, (from the shop assistant to creation of own business – fashionable clothes shop).
– 12 years of working in Milan with private clients.
– More than 300 clients, of which about 50 are regular users.
– Works in various styles, with any sector of the fashion market.
– Listens to the wishes of clients, gives his advice, does not insist, generously shares with them the secrets of style. He knows that if today someone is not ready to share her opinion, he will come back to him later, remembering me with a kind word.


– Personal shopping in boutiques –
Personal shopping in outlets –
Shopping accompaniment


The service includes:

  • preliminary contact with a client,
  • sheet shopping
  • shopping mall planning
  • shopping mall

Shopping day, conversation with the client, discussion and confirmation of the shopping list, shopping route, shopping, selection of outfits that match the style, budget and wishes of customers. In the course of shopping, the client receives recommendations on outshopping, clothing selection, clothes combination and season trends. According to the results of shopping the presentation with recommendations is prepared.

Disassembling the wardrobe advises the client to do it by himself, following her recommendations. Considers that the remote service is not working properly.