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Vintage shops in Milan, shopping in the fashion capital

Milan is rich in boutiques, not only with the latest collections, but also with vintage boutiques, where you can find treasures from the lifetime collections of eminent fashion designers. Explore the popular vintage shops in the city centre, which can be envied by even the most famous boutiques on the Montenapoleone.

Summer discounts 2017 in Milan. Tips for what to buy at the summer sale

Shopping boom, summer discounts in Milan 2017 Summer discounts 2017 Milan advices that buy sales. Ahead of "Saldi, Sales, Discounts" - it is time to sell, when you can buy clothes, shoes or accessories at favorable pric...

Where to buy a quality coat in Milan. Historic bottag Lagori Milano

Buy quality coat Milan bottega Lagori Milano. Almost every fashionista dreams of buying a real Italian coat of her dreams, poisoned by shopping in Milan. Perfect fit, high quality materials and fashion trends - that's wh...

Shopping in Milan, winter discounts 2017

Shopping in Milan, winter discounts 2017. The longest awaited period for shopaholics is approaching - the season of winter discounts and sales in the fashion and style capital. This year, the official start date for discounts all over Italy will be at

Italian cashmere Fenegro Cashmere in Milan

Italian cashmere by Fenegro Cashmere Milan. Elegance, impeccable quality, the highest technology and affordable prices for cashmere products from the Italian brand

Buy a quality Made in Italy bag in Milan. I Santi

Historical brand i Santi: Buy a quality Made in Italy bag in Milan. I Santi. Exquisite elegance and original models, quality materials and Italian production - all this is characterized by the historic brand i Santi, sp...

What to buy at the summer sale. Must-have fashionable wardrobe stuff

What to buy at the summer sale. Must-have fashionable wardrobe stuff. Summer discounts are almost on the doorstep. How to be, not to buy up overnight under the euphoria of discounts a lot of unnecessary things that are t...

Fashion on Animal Free. Made in Italy bags from BE-leborsedielisa

The growing interest in vegetarianism is taking over the world more and more. For some, vegetarianism is about fashion, for others it's about lifestyle or diet. However, in the fashion industry, many world-renowned desig...

Quality and affordable cosmetics Made in Italy Madina Milano

Madina Milano is a professional cosmetics company Made in Italy, a recognized brand among professional makeup artists. Affordable and quality brand, whose shop is located in the center of Milan.

New exclusive Case for smartphone from jewelry house Damiani

Absolutely new in the field of fashion and high technology - limited edition "high-tech" case for mobile phones, decorated with gold and diamonds from the brand Damiani. The idea was inspired by the D.Side collection dev...


Christmas markets and New Year holidays in Milan

Milan's Christmas markets are ready to begin with Christmas and New Year just around the corner. As always, Milan is waiting for the markets, where a variety of artigianale products, accessories, clothing, children's toys and more will be presented. A great opportunity to choose something as a gift for your loved ones.