Thursday, October 29, 2020


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Christmas markets and New Year holidays in Milan

Milan's Christmas markets are ready to begin with Christmas and New Year just around the corner. As always, Milan is waiting for the markets, where a variety of artigianale products, accessories, clothing, children's toys and more will be presented. A great opportunity to choose something as a gift for your loved ones.

The real corner of Sicily in the centre of Milan is ZAGARA

In the heart of Milan, the ZAGARA shop opened its doors, which has collected all the superiority of Sicilian products. Elegant showroom at via S. Nicolao 2, where each item is handmade, following the traditional techniqu...

The new Mercato del Suffragio market in Milan

A market with a kitchen, where you can not only buy something for your dinner, enjoying the scents and bright stalls with fresh produce, but also to eat immediately on site. The new Mercato del Suffragio market is open! ...

Oasis of Perugina chocolate sweets in the city center

Chocostore Perugina in Milan: All chocolate lovers are dedicated! A real oasis of chocolate sweets in the heart of the fashion and design capital. Just a few steps away from Castello Sforzesco is the chocolate shop of t...

Food purchases. Esselunga supermarket

Esselunga supermarket in central Milan: Food purchases. Esselunga supermarket. As you know, having been to Italy, it is impossible not to bring Italian delicaciesIf you want to buy Italian products of good quality and ...

Fashion & Style

Turban or bandage. Ideas on how to wear

In addition to the straw hat and baseball cap, you can cover your head in hot weather and decorate it in dozens of ways. Thrill the shawl lovers! The bandages and turbans this season are at their peak. And although I ha...

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