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Shopping in Milan with stylist Angelina Goncharova

Angelina Goncharova is a fashion stylist, creative director and fashion editor for world fashion magazines such as GQ, L’Officiel, Glamour and LUI. I started my career in 2009 when, along with stylists Dmitry Loginov, Vlad Lisovets, Alecander Rogov and American star stylist Rachel Zoe, I was chosen as an image expert on a fashion project in MEGA. By the way, I still remain a dress stylist of all fashion shows in the MEGA shopping center, as well as being a fashion editor of catalogues and magazines, developing visual merchandising and shop window concepts for clothing brands presented in the mall.

“Milan is the recognized capital of fashion and style. Living and studying in Italy is a great opportunity to be in the centre of fashion and learn from the inside. Among the fashion weeks I have always preferred Milan Fashion Week, where luxury and extravagant variety of outfits has never been at the expense of functionality and comfort. Emporio Armani’s futuristic design, Morchino’s eccentric mood, Prada’s conservative style and Max&Mara’s top tailoring are style encyclopedias for me,” I wrote in an accompanying letter to my project for a grant to study at the DOMUS Academy of Fashion in Milan.

This scholarship was provided by MARIE CLAIR Italy magazine and the project included the development of new visual content for marieclaire.it. By the way, I won this grand prize, moved to Milan, defended my magistracy, had an internship in a magazine and fell in love with Milan