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Ryanair on wheels for 1 euro


Ryanair on wheels at the price of 1 euro. On June 24, the Megabus bus network connecting major European cities will be launched in Italy. Low cost yellow and blue buses in the color of the famous Irish airline ryanair, known for all its flights at the lowest prices. Bus tickets are already on sale, and currently you can only buy tickets at megabus.com, but in the future you will also be able to buy tickets at the stations in Milan, Florence, Rome, Venice, Naples, Turin and Genoa.

The average ticket price is about 15 euros. Within five days from the date of activation of the bus network will be held a special promotion: a ticket priced at 1 euro to Rome, Milan, Turin, Genoa, Florence, Bologna, Venice, Padua, Verona and Sarzana. Compared to a train or airplane trip, the prices are tiny, but take into account the duration of the trip: about ten hours will take the route from Milan to Rome, about 15 hours from Turin to Naples and 11 hours 15 minutes from Venice to Naples.

Routes through 13 cities in Italy:

23 buses, each with a capacity of 87 passengers, will run through 13 Italian cities: Turin, Milan, Genoa, Padua, Verona, Venice, Bologna, Pisa, Siena, Florence, Rome and Naples. At the moment Italian cities are not connected to international destinations, while abroad, you can, for example, go to Paris or London from Amsterdam or Barcelona.

The buses are equipped with free Wi-Fi, sockets, air conditioning and toilet facilities. Currently, the company transports more than 15 million passengers a year in Europe and North America. The main destinations of the network include London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Lyon, Toulouse, Barcelona, Lille, Luxembourg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin and Monacoavtobus megabus


Each passenger has the right to carry 25 kg of luggage consisting of one, two or three bags, which together do not exceed the size of a large suitcase (maximum 200 cm in height, width and length). You can take small hand luggage with you to the bus, which can be placed under the seat.

Megabus routes through Italy:

Turin-Milan-Bolonia-Florence-Rome-Naples (and vice versa
) Venice-Padua-Florence-Rome-Naples (and vice versa)
Turin-Milan-Verona-Padua-Venice (and vice versa)
Turin-Genoa-Sardzana (Spezia

vice versa)