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Classic basil pesto sause recipe

Classic simple basil pesto recipe. How to prepare pesto with fresh basil leaves, pine nuts, garlic, parmesan. Useful tips how to conserve aroma herbs.

Quickly, deliciously, and usefully: cooking in Italian

Italians cannot be taken away from their cooking skills, because they can cook even the most common vegetables with extraordinary delicacy. The secret, of course, is the right combination of sauces, seasonings and ingred...

The indispensable Brisè universal dough

Brisé dough is a typical dough used for French baking. Ideal for making sweet flour products, as well as as a base or top layer of pie. The dough is very easy to prepare and can be used universally for a variety of dishe...

Tomato sauce is the king of Italian canned food

Tomato sauce is the most widely used sauce in Italy, another must have Italian hostess. Cooking sauce is very simple, just take note of a few simple but important rules. Taking into account the fact that in our country ...

Classic Basil pesto sauce recipe

How to prepare pesto with fresh basil leaves, pine nuts, garlic and parmesan. Usefil tips how to conserve aroma herbs.

Pesto- another must have in Italian cuisine

I'll tell you how to make the legendary pesto sauce with my own hands and how to store it properly to allow myself to enjoy the sauce at any time of year. Pesto- another must have in Italian cuisine. It can be served w...

Beshamel Sauce: A real must have Italian hostess

Bescimella" sauce is very popular in Italian recipes. Adopt this simple and easy recipe for a real white sauce. Ingredients are very simple and available, and cooking time will not take more than 10 minutes. You can use...

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The right way to make a perfect coffee with the Italian Moka pot

The famous geyser coffee maker, which in Italy is called "Moka", invented by the Italian Alfons Bialetti in 1933, is a true symbol of Italy. It owes its name to the Mokha area in Yemen famous for the goodness of its coffee beans.