Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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How to make the perfect risotto. The story of the popular Risotto Milanese

Italy is famous for its unsurpassed recipe of real risotto, so, being in Milan, be sure to taste the traditional Risotto milanese, which is more delicious than here you are unlikely to try somewhere else. "Risotto" translated from

Step-by-step photorecept of Carbonara paste in Italian

The famous Italian dish - the great pasta of Carbonara is very easy to prepare. The important thing is that you don't have to look for any wise ingredients. The dish is made of simple ingredients, which are available in ...

Crespelle with mushrooms and béchamel sauce

Crespelle is an Italian pancake served as a first course with various fillings: cheese, spinach, mushrooms or pasta. And here is the recipe of the most popular crespelle with cream sauce and mushrooms. Ingredients f...

Risotto in champagne: simple and elegant

Risotto on champagne is a classic Italian dish that is fast, effortless and very refined and light. This dish is a great fit for an important event: the simplicity of ingredients and rich taste, thanks to the presence o...

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The right way to make a perfect coffee with the Italian Moka pot

The famous geyser coffee maker, which in Italy is called "Moka", invented by the Italian Alfons Bialetti in 1933, is a true symbol of Italy. It owes its name to the Mokha area in Yemen famous for the goodness of its coffee beans.