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My new pistachio cheesecake recipe

If you want to prepare a delicious dessert cheesecake is always a winning idea. Today I would like to share with you my new version of Pistachio Cheesecake without ever turning on the oven. Easy to cook it looks so preety and tastes deliocious! It’s one of my favourite dessert for summer.

Step by step recipe for my fluffy cheesecake

A very tasty and fairly simple recipe. This cheesecake turns out to be very fluffy. I tried many cheesecake varieties but this one remains my favorite. In the article I'm sharing my secrets to cook my New York delight.

Italian pesto sauce is a real recipe

Speaking of pesto, I think of Liguria. It is in this region that the famous sauce was born, which some even consider an aphrodisiac. For several decades pesto sauce has been one of the most popular sauces in the world. ...

How to make an Italian Caprese salad. The real recipe and history of the dish

Among the cold appetizers, this dish is very popular not only in Italy, but all over the world. Red tomato, green basil and white mozzarella - these three simple ingredients conquered the world with their harmonious combination. Tonight we'll meet the Italian Caprese salad. The most picturesque island of Capri is considered to be the homeland of Caprese, which has become a symbol of Mediterranean cuisine. This three-color dish is one of the most popular Italian appetizers in the summer, and its popularity is comparable to that of Olivier in Russia.

Cream mascarpone cake step-by-step photorecept

You like to bake? And even more delicious are homemade cakes and pies, if you serve them with the most delicate mascarpone cream. The most popular mascarpone cheese is an essential ingredient in many cake creams. How do...

The most delicious lemon tart, step-by-step photorecept

The most delicious lemon tart is a step-by-step photorecept. Having tried this lemon tart in one of the Italian restaurants, it was impossible not to be interested in the recipe of its preparation. And here's the result:...

Zucchini flowers with ricotta step-by-step photorecept, simple and delicious

Zucchini ricotta flowers, step-by-step photo prescription. Zucchini flowers in Italy are sold in every market and supermarket. Ricotta-filled, they're served as snacks. Delicious, original and very easy to prepare a dish...

What to try in Italy. Italian cocktails, history and recipes

Summer recipes Italians know a lot about good drinks. As experts in the wine industry, they have succeeded in making cocktails as well. The names of the legendary Italian cocktails worth tasting while in Italy: Negron...

How to make the perfect risotto. The story of the popular Risotto Milanese

Italy is famous for its unsurpassed recipe of real risotto, so, being in Milan, be sure to taste the traditional Risotto milanese, which is more delicious than here you are unlikely to try somewhere else. "Risotto" translated from

Layered dough recipes for all time. Five original ideas

The universal basis for baking is a layered dough - just a mandatory ingredient in the kitchen of each hostess who wants to surprise her guests with delicious cakes and pies with a variety of fillings. 5 ideas of amazing...

near Milan

Monferrato: a charming day-trip among wine and castles

Italy is not only the largest wine-producing country in the world by volume, it is also the uncontested champion of wine diversity, counting with more unique grape varieties than any other countries on Earth.

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