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Rent a Mobike and Ofo bicycle in Milan. 30 cents for half an hour’s rent

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New bike rental in Milan: 30 cents per half hour. Download the app, choose the nearest bicycle, park it wherever you want when you finish using it! Simple and cheap!
In Milan, two new bicycle rental services from Mobike and Ofo have appeared in the city of Bike sharing. The idea of new bicycles is “free floating”, when it is enough just to download the application to your mobile, find the nearest bicycle, get to the right place and leave it where you want. Well, it’s easier than it looks!

Mobike and Ofo bike rental in Milan

So, some of them are red, others yellow, both very similar in use, unless it’s a bit easier to change gears: Ofo has a little bit easier. Both bikes have baskets for carrying bags as well as led backlighting.


How to use bike sharing from Mobike and Ofo

Once you have reached the bike of your choice, you need to use your smartphone to scan the QR code, so you unlock the bike. Trying this service, we notice certain advantages: no longer need to look for special parking, as it was with Bike Mi, now you can leave your bike where you want. Maximum convenience, and what time savings!

Mobike MilanoAt the end of the service, close the lock and make sure that the bike rental is complete.

Rental price

Unlike BikeMi, Ofo and Mobike bicycles do not require annual card subscriptions, payment is for the period of use. 30 cents for every half hour for Mobike, we’ll find out about Ofo tariffs very soon.
What do you think of the idea? Do you think it’s worth a shot?

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