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Like drinking coffee in Italy. What every tourist needs to know

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Like drinking coffee in Italy. What every tourist needs to know Drinking coffee in Italy is a sacred thing. It is often drunk in small portions and coffee is not considered an expensive drink. For example, to order a divine drink at a bar in one of the central luxury bars in Milan will cost 1-2 euros (of course, this is not the case, if you sit down at a table, in this case you also pay for service, then the price can reach 10 euros).

Кофе в ИталииItalians have a special attitude to coffee, they are ready to drink it all day long, or at least finish each meal. So for those going to Italy, it’s better to tune in to a lot of coffee. Well, if you’re not yet a connoisseur of this drink, you’ll probably be able to taste the true taste of coffee, which no Starbucks can match, in Italy. You will appreciate the real coffee, which does not want to dilute the floor with a cup of milk or a large handful of sugar. To tell you the truth, better coffee than in Italy is hard to find. By the way, now, traveling outside Italy, Italian mocha is always with me, or just prefer to order tea instead of a dark drink. Yes, Italy is spoiling.

Кофе в МиланеSo, what are the “rules” of drinking this hot drink from Italians, or what you need to know about coffee in Italy:

  • Cappuccino after a meal is a taboo for Italians. Tourists ordering a cappuccino after dinner or lunch laugh, explaining that all the rules of digestion are that the intake of cappuccino after a dense meal weakens and is incompatible with the product. The real Italian finishes his meal only with an espresso or maximum macchiato coffee.
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    Кофе в Милане
  • Coffee is drunk “on the go”, or, to be more precise, right behind the bar quickly and efficiently, without making any special ritual out of it. Keep in mind that in many cafes in the city center the service at the table is paid – coffee at the table will cost two or three times more than at the bar.
  • If you want to order an espresso, just say caffè, the Italians will immediately understand that you want a regular strong espresso drinkespresso
  • By the way, in many local bars Italians first order and drink coffee at the bar, and then only pay for it.

A selection of Milan’s luxurious coffee houses.

Espresso drink:

In addition to the classic espresso, the average portion (about 7 g of coffee per 25 ml of water), the usual 40-50 grams (about 10 g of coffee per 35 ml of water), there are several varieties:
espresso-doppio – double espresso;
espresso lungo – the same amount of coffee, but the amount of water increases to 70 ml;
espresso aristretto – the same amount of coffee, but the amount of water decreases to 18 ml;

espresso-macchiato – with a small amount of foamed milk;
espresso-conpane – espresso with a hat of whipped cream;
espresso-corretto – standard espresso with alcoholic beverages, usually a small amount of liqueur.

Вкусный кофе в МиланеThe taste and quality of espresso depends on the right coffee mix, the ratio of beans (different Arabica or Arabica and Robusta mixtures) and the degree of roasting. And then it’s a matter of Italian roasters’ skill and their specialty coffee recipes.