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Fashion trends spring-summer 2017

модные тенденции весна-лето 2017

We can confidently say that this spring is ruled by the 80s, the wildest and most controversially fashionable decade of the last century. Prepare notebooks and pens, watch the fashion trends of spring-summer 2017.

Think pink!

РозовыйThe top of my fashionable spring/summer 2017 trend review is fuchsia. Every show didn’t go without that bright color. Maybe I’m the one who watched the fashion shows through the pink glasses No, fuchsia is really one of the top flowers of this season. The combination options with bright pink may seem rather unexpected. Contrary to fashionable rules and color circles, designers offer to wear bright pink very close with the same rich deep shades as red and purple, as well as in combination with other shades of pink.

Bright stripe

Poloska trendNot one more fashionable season did not do without a “striped” trend. ubiquitous, she’s filled every fashion show with herself. And it does not matter what style the image is made in – sea, business, romantic, evening, costume strip, or embroidered in the macromas, as long as there are strips! The only innovation of the season can be considered the use of bright contrasting colors in the strip. It looks especially fresh on knitted knitted dresses and long sundresses.


You’re thinking about slipping away from that obsolete color. Think again! Yellow will be everywhere. Why don’t you add a canary shade to your wardrobe too!

Wide shoulders

Широкие плечиIf you’re not working on 7th Avenue, pretend The antiromantic square shape of the Wall Street and Leo DiCaprio costumes did not paint us, the fragile creatures, let alone us. But it wasn’t here! Fashionable brands actively promote jackets with shoulder pads and assert that we should look like a dark-skinned disco diva Grace Jones, muse Jean-Paul Hood. Too extreme offers designers wear jackets twice as much as the mass market. It is not difficult to apply this trend for yourself, especially for those who have sloping shoulders. The ’80s, hi!

Extreme asymmetry

This season the designers actively ignore the established laws of beauty and harmony, and therefore actively demonstrate asymmetry in the cut. It is impossible to imagine a fashionable top, sweater, dress 2017 without curly necklines. Especially fashionable are skewed shirts, as if deliberately fastened on a wrong button, cut-outs on one of the sleeves, tops with one straps. In such a creative atmosphere, hands reach for scissors, to create asymmetry by themselves.


patchworkPatchwork, designed for the renewal and disposal of old clothes, has become a real trend over time. If in the distant past, similar textured fabrics were used to create the patchwork, this season the entrance was made of different scraps: lace, silhouette, mesh, jeans, floral prints. Such a collage, our grandmothers would not appreciate it, but it can be seen in the fashion collections of spring-summer 2017. And such clothes are combined not only with monochrome things, but also with prints.

Glamorous sport

This season’s sports style is rising to a new level of fashion. Everything is fashionable, from bright leggings to full-fledged biker costume. The new rule of the season is no sneakers. Shoes should be as sexy as possible.


Тренд прозрачностьWhat a spring without flirting and provocation! It’s time for short skirts and romantic moods. Designers plant firewood and declare transparency a fashionable trend for 2017. And we’re blushing, and we’re outraged, “Where are you going?” However, we must admit that looking at images made of weightless flying fabrics is a great aesthetic pleasure, and there will come the inspiration to add a transparent skirt to your wardrobe!

What a different khaki color!

Цвет хакиThis season, fashion designers seem to have performed a colloquium on militarism. Images in khaki color are very diverse, from classic militarists to unexpected romanticism with dresses and ruches. Who’d have thought a khaki dress could be so poetic?

Have a nice shopping and a warm spring
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