Friday, October 30, 2020

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Casting, how does every model’s day begin

Casting, how does every model's day begin? Let's get back to our casting theme. Casting for a model (like a job interview) is a nightmare that can turn into a moment of joy for every model at any given time. It's hard to...

Model life: first steps

Model life: first steps. All those who think that the life of a model is just to walk a couple of steps on the podium or pose a couple of times in front of the camera, are wrong! Let's slightly open the curtain of this i...

The real life of the models firsthand

The real life of models is firsthand. Reading the stories of celebrities, we are accustomed to hear the dizzying and fabulous stories of the world's top models, watching the perfect life of the beauties shining on ...

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Italian tradition. Five things you can envy Italy

The glamorous city of Milan offers its residents and visitors a huge choice of restaurants, great shopping and a wide range of entertainment for nightlife. But there is something else from the Italian way of life and tradition that you begin to miss so much, barely leaving Italy.

Today in Milan