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The Statue of Liberty of Milan at Duomo Square

The majestic Duomo Cathedral on the main square of the city captures thousands of tourists every day, and have you ever paid attention to the statue above the main entrance of the Duomo? Doesn't it remind you of another equally famous statue?

What to try in Italy. Italian cocktails, history and recipes

Summer recipes Italians know a lot about good drinks. As experts in the wine industry, they have succeeded in making cocktails as well. The names of the legendary Italian cocktails worth tasting while in Italy: Negron...

How to make the perfect risotto. The story of the popular Risotto Milanese

Italy is famous for its unsurpassed recipe of real risotto, so, being in Milan, be sure to taste the traditional Risotto milanese, which is more delicious than here you are unlikely to try somewhere else. "Risotto" translated from

What to see in Milan. Cordusio Square in the city center

Beautiful square in the center of the city, which almost completely preserved the image of the turn of the 19th - 20th centuries. Here you can admire the delightful houses that frame the interesting facades with sculptur...

Piazza San Babila in downtown Milan. That’s interesting to know

What's worth knowing about San Babila Square in Milan While walking in the heart of Milan, do not miss the opportunity to visit the famous Piazza San Babila. The main historical sight of the square is the church of San ...

Where did the name Cappuccino come from? How to make the right cappuccino

The Germans call it "kapuziner kaffe", but it is known all over the world under the Italian name "cappuccino". Today we will talk about how one of the most favorite drinks of coffee lovers was born. Can you already imag...

Shopping street in Milan Corso Vittorio Emanuele. That’s interesting to know

Interesting facts about Corso Vittorio Emanuele: One of the main pedestrian streets of Milan with many shops is an indispensable point of visit for every tourist. A classic walk from Duomo Square to San Babila Square wi...

The main square in Milan and the Duomo Cathedral. That’s interesting to know

Duomo Cathedral is one of the main attractions of the Italian fashion capital. The majestic cathedral is truly a pearl of Milan, the cathedral has a huge history and legends. How about we get to know some interestin...

Six things you should know about La Scala

Here are a few interesting moments about the main opera house

Gallery of Vittorio Emanuele II in the center of Milan. That’s interesting to know

One of the most important places after the Duomo of Milan is the most famous shopping gallery of the city - Vittorio Emanuele Gallery. A favorite place for many tourists, where everything is imbued with the spirit of gre...

Dinner in Milan

Sushi restaurant Temakinho in the center of Milan. What to try in Milan

A new opening on Duomo Square is scheduled for June. I'm sure everyone who loves sushi in Milan has been to this most popular place more than once. Temakinho is also the first restaurant to combine a piece of Japanese and South American.