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The most interesting and unusual streets of Milan

It is always nice to walk around Milan and pass through atmospheric and cute streets. Apart from the iconic sights there are some mostly hidden from the public eye that only the locals know about.

The Omenoni House in the center and its exclusive club

The ancient "Omenoni House", built in 1565, is often referred to  as "the House with Atlanteans". The name derives from eight statues on the facade depicting atlantes created by the famous sculptor Antonio Abbondio. Many have heard of it but do not know the exact location.

La Scala Theatre in Milan, for free prima del Teatro Alla Scala

Everyone can take part in the Prima del Teatro La Scala, because the municipality of Milan once again offers its residents and guests an amazing opportunity to experience the art of music. On 27 screens of the city from November 30 to December 10, 2017 will be broadcast prima del Teatro Alla Scala.

Free museums in Milan every first Sunday of the month Domenica al Museo

Every first Sunday of the month you have a unique opportunity to visit a number of museums for free. Don't miss the opportunity to choose your favorite museum and join the cultural program: "Domenica al museo".

Free museums in Milan all year round

The city of Milan offers a huge number of expensive boutiques and restaurants. Is it possible to look at this luxurious city from a completely different angle and call it a budget city? Of course, "Yes," because in the city you can

Largest abbey Chiaravalle, 7 km from the center of Milan

In addition to an extensive shopping programme, Milan offers a wide range of cultural and historical experiences. Thus, just 7 km from the center of Milan, in Parco Agricolo Sud, is the unique beauty of the Cistercian Ab...

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What to see in Milan. 20 ideas on how to spend time

To see Milan with 20 ideas on how to spend time. Magnificent works of art, the unique atmosphere of Milan's streets, exquisite Italian cuisine and Milanese museums have been attracting travelers for centuries. And what else on the advice of local residents should be done in the fashion capital?