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Christmas and New Year in Milan. What to see in December

In the pre-Christmas period, a magical atmosphere reigns in the city. Glittering lights, ice rinks and markets, Christmas markets, Prima della Scala, panettone flavors and Christmas sweets create a real holiday atmosphere in Milan.

What else can I see in Milan? Isola Quarter

For those looking for interesting places to visit in Milan, I suggest that you take a look at the Isola quarter, which has recently become very popular for its abundance of bars, restaurants and other interesting places where you can have a great evening

Milanese districts Paolo Sarpi Chinese district

Sadly or gladly, the Chinese have also made it to Milan. Having taken root in New York and London, they managed to create a Chinese quarter in Milan as well. Everyone can have a different attitude to Chinese culture, but since I share my life in Milan, I can't help but mention this place, which has recently become an important part of the city.

Duomo in Milan – seventh world wonder according to Tripadvisor 2018

TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel site, published the Travelers Choice Luoghi Storici 2018 ranking. Referring to the feedback from visitors over the past 12 months around the world

The most interesting and unusual streets and squares of Milan. Walk around town, what to visit

What other places, apart from the iconic sights, deserve to be visited by those who are looking for interesting places that only the locals know about? Get to know the interesting streets and squares of Milan, hidden from the public eye.

Rent a Mobike and Ofo bicycle in Milan. 30 cents for half an hour’s rent

New bike rental in Milan: 30 cents per half hour. Download the app, choose the nearest bicycle, park it wherever you want when you finish using it! Simple and cheap!

What to see in Milan in one day. City walk and sightseeing

Embrace the immensity and get to know Milan at most in one day. This incredible city certainly has a lot to see, be it sightseeing, museums, expensive boutiques or local restaurants. Walking around the city, you can just...

What to see in Milan. Cordusio Square in the city center

Beautiful square in the center of the city, which almost completely preserved the image of the turn of the 19th - 20th centuries. Here you can admire the delightful houses that frame the interesting facades with sculptur...

What to see in Milan. Picturesque area of Navigli

What to see in Milan. Picturesque area of Navigli. It is impossible to complete the sightseeing tour of Milan without visiting one of the most picturesque and romantic areas of the city - Navigli. Many tourists after vie...

What to see in Milan. Porta Nuova and Vertical Forest

What to see in Milan. Porta Nuova and Vertical Forest. How about taking a look at the brand new Milan and visiting one of the most fashionable and new areas of the city - the Porta Nuova district? Here the histo...

Dinner in Milan

Sushi restaurant Temakinho in the center of Milan. What to try in Milan

A new opening on Duomo Square is scheduled for June. I'm sure everyone who loves sushi in Milan has been to this most popular place more than once. Temakinho is also the first restaurant to combine a piece of Japanese and South American.