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Fashion week in Milan. Milano fashion Week

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Fashion Week in Milan Milan Milano Fashion Week

From 19 to 25 February 2019, Milan will be hosting a week of fashion shows. Ahead of Milano Fashion Week Donna Autumn/Winter 2019/20, when fashionistas and fashionistas will find out what the trends of the famous fashion houses will be in the next seasons.
Milan Fashion Week 2019 модаTraditionally, the beginning of Milan Fashion Week will take place on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, the most important stylists’ shows will take place. Follow the program on the official website of the Camera Nazionale della Moda.
Shows will be broadcasted on maxi screens in Milan (on corso Vittorio Emanuele, on the corner with piazza San Babila).

How to get in and what to see during Milan Fashion Week?

Only those who are lucky enough to receive an invitation in person can attend the fashion shows. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy tickets for a fee for the shows. As a rule, buyers or people from the press can get invitations by applying on the official website of Samera della Moda di Milano in time. Becoming the owner of a personal invitation to Milan Fashion Week is not easy unless you are a well-known journalist or VIP person.

fashion week MilanJournalists and bloggers wishing to receive an invitation can simply go to the official website and download and fill out the modulo accredito form in the “stampa” section.

During the whole week there will be a lot of interesting events in honor of Fashion Week in Milan. For those who want to visit fashionable parties, do not miss the overview of fashionable restaurants and institutions of the city, where you can see among the ordinary visitors of the city of Celebrity, movie stars and fashion stars.

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