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Summer discounts 2017 in Milan. Tips for what to buy at the summer sale

Скидки в Милане Италия

Shopping boom, summer discounts in Milan 2017

Summer discounts 2017 Milan advices that buy sales. Ahead of “Saldi, Sales, Discounts” – it is time to sell, when you can buy clothes, shoes or accessories at favorable prices.

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2017 summer discounts in Milan

When are the summer discounts going to start? The month of July evokes a storm of positive emotions: sun and sea, summer holidays, aperitifs and parties on the beach, and, of course, summer discounts, which are so eagerly awaited by many shopaholics. It’s a good idea to upgrade your wardrobe by buying something new at tempting prices.
This year, the wave of summer discounts will be on July 1, the long-awaited Saldi will last until August 30. The time when the shops of the city will be decorated with bright amounts of money with the sign of interest and attractive inscriptions “Saldi, Sales, Discounts”.

saldi milanoChain stores start the discounted marathon with small discounts that reach up to 80-90%. If you want to buy really good things, it is best to go shopping at the beginning of the sale, because at the end of the assortment becomes less and less. However, there is a charm here: at the end of the sale you can find things at really funny prices.

Скидки в МиланеIt’s not difficult to imagine how many people are ready to attack stores from the first hour, so to avoid queues at the fitting rooms and cash desks, it’s best to prepare for the discounts in advance. Before you start selling, it’s a good idea to browse through the collections and even better to measure your size.

Here are some tips for the sales:

  • Try not to buy things just because they’re at a discount. The main thing is to soberly assess whether you really need this thing. Buy only what you really need. How many times do we like the super discount price more than the item itself, which we won’t even wear afterwards?Скидки в Милане
  • Pay attention to the quality of the product, whether it is defective.
  • Don’t forget to take a cash voucher every time you make a purchase. So, if you do, you can defend your consumer rights.
  • And for those who don’t need to shop, but still want to buy something during the sales, it’s better to focus on basic practical things.
  • Try to imagine if there is something in your wardrobe that can be combined with your upcoming purchase.
  • Of course, the best time to buy is the first days of sales, allowing you to buy goods among the available sizes and models.

Popular shopping spots in the centre of Milan are the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, via Monte Napoleone and the world-famous department store La Rinascente. Medium-priced items can be bought on the streets via Torino, Corso Buenos Aires. Read more about shopping areas here.

Шоппинг в Милане

What to buy at the 2017 summer sale:

During the summer sales, you wonder what to buy For profitable purchases during the summer sales it is important to make a list of really necessary purchases.

A list of must-have stylists for the 2017 summer sales:

Those who like the elegance and femininity of fashion experts advise to pay attention to dresses and tops with open shoulders, decorated with flounces and ruffles. If you prefer something extravagant, then pay attention to interesting variants of torn jeans decorated with embroidery.

Скидки в МиланеDo not miss out on fruit and tropical prints. Colorful pineapples, kiwis and watermelons, along with stripes and floral prints, are very popular among the 2017 summer swimsuits, especially for indoor models.

купальник 2017Experts advise to add to the list of purchases and popular pants, culottes, crop tops, tops resembling underwear, elegant tops of delicate fabrics on thin straps, tops of transparent fabrics and lace.

джинсовые вещи тренды 2017Among the fashionable skirts of the 2017 summer trends are: pleated skirts just below the knee; medium length denim skirts, mostly in light shades with zippers and buttons; light floral models with floral print; asymmetric models of skirts with ruffles.

Модные юбки тренды весна летоOf course, you should base yourself on what things you already have in your wardrobe and which ones you should buy to create a new look.
If you lack basic things in the wardrobe, for example, black dress, white shirt, classic trousers or jeans, the summer discounts – just the time when it is worth to choose a quality item at a price twice lower.
Have a nice shopping experience!

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