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The legend of Columbus’ Easter kulic


Legend of Easter kulich Columbus Italy. The traditional Easter cake of Italians is called “Columbus”. It is Lombardy that is considered the birthplace of this bakery, which resembles a pigeon or a cross.
The traditional baking recipe we know now dates back to 1900. According to the legend, during the siege of the Italian city (middle of the sixth century) Pavia was offered a pie in the form of a pigeon by King Albino as a sign of reconciliation.


Not without reason, the name itself is translated from Italian as “dove”. The very first Italian company to start baking Italian cupcakes is Motta. There is a huge variety of Easter cakes: candied, orange peel, chocolate and sweet almond crust on top.

Here’s where to buy the most delicious Colombo in Milan:

Tasty and useful: Buoni Dentro
Confectionery and bakery, where the recipe deserves special attention. Classic, with chocolate and pears, figs, apricots and chocolate.

коломба в ИталииPrice: 22 euros per 1 kg.
Address: Piazza Lionello Bettini

And here you can find the version of Columbus for vegans: I Dolci di Namura
Confectionery and crackers made of BIO ingredients. In addition to traditional kolomba, they produce Easter muffins without butter and stuffed with forest berries.
Price: 32 euros per 1 kg.
Address: Via Castelvetro

vegan colomba
Gluten-free and lactose-free colombus: Glufree

All gluten-free products! And the colombia and no lactose! Both traditional colombia and chocolate-covered colombia.
Price: 30 euros per 1 kg.
Address: Via Curtatone
6Sunday and Monday

Columbus of the Year: Polenghi
A small pastry shop hidden behind the historic city centre. Only the freshest natural products are here! And the colombia recipe is the most traditional.
Price: 38 euros per 1 kg.
Address: Via Lamarmora 31Always

шоколадная коломба

Taste of Marron Glacè: San Gregorio
It is made in a traditional way, with pear and chocolate filling and Marron Glacè, with amarena or ginger, with semifreddo or covered with white or black chocolate.
Price: 26,50/ 32 euros per 1 kg.
Address: Via San Gregorio 1Always

For every taste: Pasticceria Dessert
Traditional colombia, colombia with chocolate pieces, colombia with nuts and raisins.
Price: 30 euros per 1 kg.
Address: Piazzale Bacone

Виды коломбыGreat Price – quality: Fonte Del Dolce
A huge pastry shop where you can buy a colombus with pineapple, pears and chocolate, marron glacè, pistachios or chocolate and nuts.
Price: 17 euros per 1 kg. (27 euros from marron glacè or pistacchio)
Address: Via Bessarione

With Chantilly cream and chocolate coated: Massimo 1970

Коломба A traditional top-class colombus, as well as a colombus with Chantilly cream or chocolate coated.
Price: 32 euros per 1 kg.
Address: Via Ripamonti