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Lakes, abbeys and villas near Milan. What to visit near Milan

Pian Resinelli

There is little time left before the warm sunny days, the perfect weather to go on a trip to new places. You don’t have to go too far to relax and change the situation. Did you know that there are many abbeys, villas, lakes and parks that are not far from Milan and are worth a visit?

And here are three ideas for outdoor walks behind Milan that will not leave you indifferent:


Milan’s surroundings are home to an invaluable architectural, artistic and religious heritage.

Abbazia di Chiaravalle

Perhaps the most famous of the seven Abbeys, which is located a few kilometers south of Porta Romana. This largest complex is one of the brightest examples of the first Gothic architecture of Italy.

abbazia di chiaravalle

Abbazia di Mirasole

In the north of Milan, in the municipality of Opera, there is one of the most important Abbeys of Mirasol in the whole region.

Abbazia Mirsole

Abbazia di Morimondo

Founded in 1134 by Cistercian monks, a few kilometers from Abbiategrasso is Abbazia di Morimondio. The surviving buildings of the abbey are examples of Romanesque and Gothic styles, and inside the church one can see stunning frescoes.


Abbazia di Viboldone

Located in the village of Sibolsone in the province of Milan. Thanks to its architecture and fourteenth century frescoes, it is one of the most important medieval complexes in the region.


Basilica di Santa Maria in Calvenzano

The basilica, located south of Melegnano, contains a mysterious apsoidal fresco depicting the coronation of the Virgin Mary.

Santa Maria in Calvenzano

Chiesa di San Lorenzo in Monluè

Located south of the Forlanini viale, a few kilometers from Linate, in a Romanesque style. Chiesa di San Lorenzo in Monluè has a large churchyard where events and parties are held.

Chiesa San Lorenzo Monlue

Chiesa di san Pietro in Gessate

The church is located in the centre of Milan between piazza Cinque Giornate and il Tribunale.



About an hour’s drive from Milan, you can reach three stunning Lombardy lakes. Ideal places for mini travels in sunny days.

Lake Como

It won’t be difficult to get to it on your own, just an hour away by train, and you’re there. Lake Como is one of the most beautiful and popular places of rest, both for Italians and foreign tourists. Many celebrities own luxury villas on the shores of an alpine lake, and the beauty of this lake is captured in world-famous films.

Озеро Комо

Lago Maggiore

It’s considered the largest in Italy. It is a very picturesque and romantic place where the natural beauty of nature is intertwined with historical sights, chic palaces, villas and museums. Very rich and cultural life of the coast. Various exhibitions and festivals take place here all year round.

Озеро МаджореHere is the beautiful archipelago of the Borromeo Islands, consisting of three islands: Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isola dei Pescatori. Isola Madre has a beautiful palace, furnished with different Borromeo family houses and surrounded by landscaped gardens. Isola Bella is famous for its gardens, located on the terraces, made in full Italian style.

Lago di Lugano

Lake Lugano, located between the two lakes mentioned above, is ideal for sports lovers. Here you can practice a number of water sports such as diving, sailing, rowing and windsurfing.

Lago Lugano

Parco di Monza

One of the largest historical parks in Europe, with an area of 688 hectares. Included in the Parco Regionale della Valle del Lambro, together with the royal gardens of the Habsburg family, since 1922 it has included the Monza National Raceway, as well as the racetrack, golf course and camping site (open only in summer).

Парк Монца

Parco del Ticino

The oldest park in Italy, created in 1974. The park stretches along the Ticino River and covers an area of almost one hundred thousand hectares. The marked routes are approximately 800 kilometres long, which can be visited on foot, by bicycle, canoe or horseback. Picturesque nature, as well as numerous castles, towers and monasteries.

Parco Ticino

Pian dei Resinelli

Pian dei Resinelli is easily accessible by car from Milan. It’s the perfect place for mountain lovers, trekking and climbing. There are many paths that lead to the Grignetta Mountain, which attracts enthusiasts from all over the world every year.

Pian Dei Resinelli