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Lake Como and the city of Varenna, what to see and how to get there

Варенна Озеро Комо

This place attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the world with its beauty. We are talking about the amazing town of Varenna, located on the eastern shore of Lake Como. If you want to see the stunning scenery of one of Italy’s most popular lakes, then be sure to head to Varennas, one of the most popular cities on the Como and recognized as a real gem. An exciting journey is guaranteed: a stroll through the narrow streets, admire the neat, colorful houses, visit the local shops, and enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in restaurants with stunning views.
It is very easy to get to Varenna from Milan by train. (Note: From Varennas, you can also visit the nearby towns of Bellagio or Mannagio by using the ferries. You can see the schedule of ferries on the official website).


The city of Varenne, what to see and how to get there:

From the Milano Centrale you should take the train to Varenna-Esimo station, travel time is about an hour and a half. A 10-minute walk from the station is located berth of tourist ships. Here you’ll see a narrow path around the rocky ledge. Follow it, after the rock you will see the continuation of the city, the main part of the houses is located on a wide promontory.

Sightseeing in Varennas:

On the central square is the church of St. George (San Giorgio) with its majestic bell tower. The church is an example of Lombard culture and is a basilica with three Romanesque naves. The facade of the church hides magnificent frescoes. By the way, the church itself is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

San Giorgio Varenna

Vecio Castle, from the 11th century, is a medieval fortress that towers on the mountain and is one of the main attractions worth visiting on this route. Being in the city of Varenne, do not be lazy to climb up the mountain to the Castle, all the way on foot will take about half an hour, be sure to carry comfortable shoes. The ultimate reward will be a stunning view of the lake. The Vecio Castle was built by the Lombard queen Theodolinda around 1100.

Castello di Vezio ComoThe tower itself has been preserved to date, but the walls have unfortunately been destroyed. This ancient medieval fortress offers incredible views: the whole of Varenna is like a palm tree.
Now in Vecio Castle there is a falconry nursery, where they breed and teach hunting of eared owls and falcons.
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entrance tickets: 4 euros

Castello di Vezio

Milk River” (Fiumelatte) is another attraction worth visiting while in Varenne. The best way to get there is from Fiumelatte station. The river is the shortest river in Italy (only 259 meters long), and it was named after the milk color of the water.

Fiume Latte VarennaAnd another puffy place that attracts tourists is Villa Monastero, built in 1208. Since 2003, the Villa has been awarded the title of museum house for its artistic values and furniture.

Villa MonasteroAround the villa there is a magnificent garden with many rare and exotic plants, such as Lebanese cedars, African and American palm trees, agaves, dragon trees, oleanders, etc. The luxurious garden, which stretches along the coast for almost 2 km, attracts a huge number of tourists, photographers and lovers of botanical gardens.

Villa Monastero Комо

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Address: Viale Giovanni Polvani, 4