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What Italian dishes should be tasted in Italy

Итальянские блюда

Italian cuisine is undoubtedly a leader in the culinary arts. Italian culinary masterpieces are popular all over the world, and once you try them in Italy, you will hardly ever be able to forget their unsurpassed taste.
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Those who claim that in Italy, apart from pizza and pasta, there is probably nothing to try but a variety of Italian dishes that vary from region to region.

еда италияThe sequence of dishes plays a special role behind the Italian meal. That’s why on the Italian table you will hardly see a table set with delicacies, the transition to each dish here is consistent. Every Italian dinner or Sunday lunch as a real ritual, will stretch such a pleasure of eating can even for a couple of hours.

обед италияBy the way, each region of Italy has its own traditional dish, so Italian cuisine can be divided into Lombardy, Ligurian, Neapolitan, Roman, Sicilian and all the rest.
What Italian dishes, except pizza, pasta and risotto, are worth tasting while in Italy? Let’s get acquainted with some Italian names that you can meet on the menu.
Just for the record. It is best to choose dishes in the Italian menu, sometimes in the English menu prices may differ, as designed exclusively for tourists.
Ask the locals about the cafes and restaurants in the city, and they will tell you exactly where to have a tasty dinner at affordable prices. And here is a selection of restaurants in Milan, which are very popular with the Italians themselves.

Italian dishes:

Osso buco

ОссобукоTender stewed veal on the brain bone.


carpaccioThe finest pieces of raw meat or fish marinated in lemon juice and olive oil.


ФриттатаItalian version of an omelette with various fillings.


БрускеттаFried slices of bread grilled with garlic and olive oil and stuffed with mozzarella, tomatoes and basil.

Tomato mussel soup (Zuppa di cozze al pomodoro)
Суп из мидий
Grilled shrimps (Gamberoni alla griglia)

Креветки на грилеSwordfish in Sicilian (Pesce spada alla siciliana)
pesce spada

Polpo con patate
Салат из осьминога

Melanzane alla parmigiana

ПармиджианаEggplants baked in an oven with tomatoes, mozzarella and parmesan.

Grilled vegetables (Verdure alla griglia)
Овощи на гриле
Spaghetti con le vongole


Пицца в МиланThe real pizza is cooked in a charcoal oven.


Pasta CarbonaraPasta with different sauces.


КанелониLarge pasta tubes filled with cheese, meat or spinach that are baked in the oven.


РизоттоRice dish with seafood, meat, vegetables.



РавиолиItalian dish of pasta flat sheets filled with meat or vegetables, very similar to dumplings with different fillings.


ПолентаA dish of cornmeal that resembles a casserole or porridge. In northern Italy it is often used as a garnish instead of rice or pasta.


НьоккиItalian dumplings.

Ice cream ball with chocolate inside (Tortuffa)
tartufo gelato


Мороженое в Милане

Sicilian dessert in the form of crushed ice with sugar syrup of different colors and tastes


canolli sicilianiSicilian dessert in the form of a waffle tube filled with mascarpone cheese, whipped cottage cheese ricotta.


TiramisuOnly in Italy you can try a real dessert made of Savoyardi, mascarpone cheese, coffee, eggs and sugar.

Italian ice cream (Gelato)

Gelato Gusto 17