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How to wash and care for the Bialetti mocha geyser

Как мыть кофеварку

How to wash how to take care of the Bialetti mocha geyser. Almost everyone who loves delicious coffee will surely have an absolute leader of the world market – the Italian mocha machine Bialetti. It’s time to make a short story about how to care for a geyser coffee machine so that it will serve you for a long time and always delight you with delicious coffee drinks.

Moka Italia

How to wash and store a mocha machine to make a delicious espresso:

How often did you have to get far from the most delicious coffee when cooking it with a coffee machine that you haven’t used for a long time? When guests arrive, we often have to take out mocha from the cupboard, which we do not use every day to make coffee for everyone overnight. However, it is not always possible to get a fragrant and delicious drink with it.

Bialetti кофеварка

The bigger the coffee, the better the drink:

There is no doubt that when coffee is prepared with the help of the coffee machine we use every day, this observation also applies to coffee machines in bars. The more often you use your coffee machine, the better and more aromatic your coffee will be.

What should we do if we have a new or almost new mocha?

In this case, you should first make a “trial coffee” or put a coffee maker on fire only with water and no coffee to remove any residues inside.

How to take care of a mocha machine:

Strange as it may seem, the coffee maker, which is used every day, lasts longer.
If you’ve got a coffee machine that’s been in the closet for a long time, wash it well before use. The best way to clean is to immerse all parts of the mocha in hot water by adding a spoonful of white vinegar to remove all residues. Rinse well and dry thoroughly.
Do not use the dishwasher detergent and do not recommend washing the mocha in the dishwasher.

Before you hide your mocha back in the closet, dry it well with her towel. In order to prevent the appearance of unpleasant odors, it is advisable to put a piece of sugar in each part of the mocha so that it absorbs all the unpleasant smells. Sugar is placed in the base, filter and in the part where the finished drink comes from. Please note that before you start washing the coffee machine, be sure to let it cool down.
Also keep an eye on the filter, safety valve and gasket, which will eventually need to be replaced with new ones.
Remember that the deposits on the walls, which are formed by the settling of coffee oils, prevent the appearance of aluminum flavor in your drink.

Moca Bialetti

Well, now you know how to take care of your coffee maker so that it will please you with a delicious and aromatic drink for a long time to come. By the way, in Italy about 90% of families make coffee at home with Bialetti mocha About the secrets of making delicious coffee read on here.