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How and why they use wine in the kitchen. There’s something about that

Вино кулинария

Secrets of cooking with wine: history, combinations, recipes

Why do they use kitchen recipes for wine? Wine-a drink, which, in addition to being a perfect complement to the dishes we taste, is used as an essential ingredient for cooking various culinary delights. Adding wine to traditional dishes can produce amazing results, so that in addition to a bottle of olive oil, every gourmet should have a bottle of good wine in the kitchen.

Вино в кулинарииThe use of wine in cooking dates back to ancient times, when the meat was left in the wine marinade for longer storage. Nowadays, there are countless recipes using this ingredient, both white and red wines and even champagne are used.

Cantucci с Vin Santo
Cantucci with Vin Santo

One cannot but mention the traditional Florentine Cantucci cookies, which are cooked or served with the signature sweet Vinsanto wine or Risotto Milanese based on white wine. During cooking, alcohol evaporates and the dish tastes special. The main thing is to combine wine with ingredients and give preference to quality products.

Cooking with wine: techniques and methods

There are various methods of using wine during cooking. The wine is used for marinade before cooking, directly as a liquid in the cooking process itself, for last-minute addition before serving, and even for sauces.

Вино при готовке едыWhen passivating vegetables, for example, you can add wine instead of the right amount of oil.
Adding wine to the frying pan where the meat was cooked and you can get a great sauce by removing the plaque. Some fats in cake recipes can also be replaced with wine (instead of half the vegetable oil, add white dessert wine).

Different dishes, different wines

If you don’t know which wine is best suited to a particular dish, it’s best to follow the instructions in the recipe, or to give preference to a similar wine.
Wine is an acidic ingredient that helps to make the meat more tender and rich in taste. Acid is much more powerful in revealing the taste of fish.

Вино с рыбойWine with a tart taste is believed to be better suited to duck and goose dishes, and wine with a mild taste to more delicate dishes (veal and seafood). Usually white or pink wines are used to cook fish, red wines are preferred for beef and pork, and both white and red wines are combined with chicken.

Вино с мясом

Wine marinade recipe:

pork neck -2kg
red dry – 0.5l spices of

vegetable frying

A piece of pork, mine and pour wine so that it almost completely covers the meat.
We add spices, close the lid and put in the fridge for 5-6 hours.
We get it out and wipe it with a paper towel.
Put a piece of meat in a heated frying pan with vegetable oil and fry it on all sides for 5 minutes. We’re warming up the oven. Put the ready meat in the form with a lid, pour wine in which it was marinated, close the lid and bake at 200 degrees Celsius.
1.5 kilograms a piece of it is baked for about 1.5 hours.
We open the lid 30 minutes before the end and check the readiness with a sharp knife, piercing the meat.

Мясо и вино

Sauce to fish:

to mix concentrated fish broth, white wine and cottage cheese.
Enjoy your meal!