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Journey to Lake Como Orrido di Bellano and its waterfall

Journey to Lake Como

Where else to go with Milan to travelers for incredible experiences and landscapes?

The most popular country trips in the vicinity of Milan are trips to Lake Como. Especially in the summertime, walks along the promenade are so enjoyable when you can discover new historic villas, unbelievable landscapes or simply be inspired by stunning romantic places.

The most popular Lake Como is unique in many ways: how many beautiful places this pearl hides! Today I propose to get acquainted with an unusual and even, in some sense, magical place – Orrido di Bellano.

Ideal place for a walk on a hot hot day with just a stunning waterfall. Imagine what it’s like to find yourself in the midst of a rapid stream of water coming out of a rock. Interestingly, this gorge was formed in 15 million years by erosion of rocks.

Lake Como and Orrido di Bellano

In the small historical centre of Bellano, next to the church of Chiesa di San Nazaro e Celso, the famous gorge, formed over 15 million years by the waters of Pioverna, is located. Over the years, the stream dug a deep gorge between Taceno and Bellano, forming what is now known as the Orrido di Bellano.

Thanks to the wooden bridges that connect the cliffs, you can see the gorge from different angles and heights. Everyone will be able to enjoy the beauty of waterfalls and rocks during a breathtaking walk.

Orrido Di Bellano Como Lake
Orrido di Bellano

In the olden days, water was used by local enterprises, but at the moment the power of nature is used to power two hydroelectric power plants.
During the walk you will also see the Orrido Tower, which is called the Devil’s House because of its mythological figures.

Useful information for visiting Orrido di Bellano

  • Orrido di Bellano is located on Via XXV aprile in Bellano next to the church of Chiesa di San Nazaro e San Celso. Entrance to her right, up the stairs.
  • The gorge is open to the public all year round, with changing schedules depending on the season.
  • Cost of a visit: 4 euros full ticket
  • More information about the schedule can be found on the official website