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Italian tradition. Five things you can envy Italy

Итальянские традиции

The glamorous city of Milan offers its residents and visitors a huge choice of restaurants, great shopping and a wide range of entertainment for nightlife. But there is something else from the Italian way of life and tradition that you begin to miss so much, barely leaving Italy.

Five things that would be good for the Italians to follow suit

1. Aperitif

A favorite Italian tradition for many, of course, aperitivo Italiano. The tradition of aperitif in Italy was born at the end of the nineteenth century, but the homeland of the aperitif is the city of Turin. For many, the “happy hour” from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. is a great opportunity to relax over a glass of light cocktail after a long day of sightseeing.

Аперитив в центре Милана

You don’t know what cocktail to try, then get acquainted with the most popular Italian drinks.

2. Quality wines at affordable prices

You should agree that in many countries a glass of good Italian wines may not be cheap. In Italy, a glass of quality wine can be ordered for 6-7 euros. Life in the country of winemaking has its advantages. While in the centre of Milan, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Signorvino at Duomo.

Вино фестиваль МиланThe famous winery is famous for its wide selection of wines from different parts of Italy. Here you can not only taste delicious drinks, but also stop for an aperitif or dinner. Super location, where there are also outdoor tables (glass of wine from 3.50 euros).

3. We can forget about the tip

And don’t worry if you don’t leave a tip at the restaurant, because tip in Italy is automatically included in the bill. In each restaurant you will see the word “coperto”, which means table serving/maintenance. Basically, the cost of coperto is 1.5-2.5 euros per person, in high level restaurants the cost of coperto is about 5 euros.

coperto v restorane

4. Dimension during meals

Italian lunch or dinner can take a couple of hours. At dinner or lunch they enjoy not only food, but also the process and the company around them.

5. Pasta country

In the country of pasta, as you can imagine, there’s plenty of flour in it. Wherever in Italy you can try those very home tagliatelle or a real Italian pizza. Only how the Italians manage to keep the figure at such an abundance of food remains a big secret. For the real tagliatelle al ragù, go to Taverna del Borgo Antico on Via Madonnina 27.)

tagliatelle al raguDo you have any favorite Italian traditions?