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Italians and coffee: 5 interesting things not everyone knows

Interesting to know Italian coffee. Recently, stumbling upon one of the articles on coffee, I was very surprised by the following figures and facts.

Coffee is one of the world’s most traded commodities

Did you ever imagine that coffee is only ahead of oil in terms of sales? Coffee ranks second in the world ranking of the best-selling products. About 700 companies are involved in coffee production, and every year more than 5000 billion cups are drunk in the world. You have to admit, the numbers are quite impressive.
Кофейные зёрна

Italians and coffee

The average Italian consumes about 5.8 kg of coffee per year. Four cups of coffee a day in a wave of the usual portion of coffee for the Italians, only 3% of Italians completely refuse coffee, and 89% prefer to drink coffee at home (80% drink coffee in the morning, a mandatory morning ritual).

Which country has the most coffee in?

Italians are not the most ardent consumers of coffee. Italians take the 13th place in the world ranking in terms of coffee consumption, the winners are the Nordic countries. Think about it, the average Finn consumes about 12 kg of coffee a year, that’s about 1 kg a month! Coffee breaks here are even officially approved at the legislative level.


Grinded, in grains or in capsules?

The type of coffee you consume – ground, in beans or in capsules – certainly affects the economy. Grinded people are much more profitable to use. The average cost of coffee in capsules ranges from 64 to 48.25 euros per kg. Coffee beans from 26 to 14 euros.

зёрна кофе

Coffee flavor

Coffee flavor flies away very quickly when you open the coffee package. Coffee in beans loses its flavor in a couple of days, but in a hammer it flies away in just a couple of hours. So, the more freshly ground coffee, the more intense its aromatic and flavouring qualities.

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