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Interesting Italian traditions, habits and lifestyle


What kind of Italians are they?

If you do not live in Italy for a short period of time, you have probably noticed certain features, customs or strangeness of Italians.
Living in Italy, it seems, there has come a moment when you do not feel like an Italian yet, but you are beginning to lose something Russian.
This duality allows us to look at certain habits of the nation from the outside, noting something that we would like to learn from them and something that seems very ridiculous.

What kind of Italians are they with their habits or strange things?

They just can’t live without gesticulating

Super emotional Italians can’t even imagine their language without gestures.

ИтальянцыYes, you walk down the street and notice how an Italian, riding a bicycle and talking on the phone at the same time, stubbornly explaining something to his or her interlocutor, is ready to let go of the wheel, just to “show” all his or her emotions in the full sense of the word.
Sometimes it seems that the only way to express a thought in Italian is by adding a special gesture.

Coffee cult

An Italian without coffee is not Italian. Coffee is always and everywhere, because they drink an invigorating drink not only in the morning, they finish each meal. Cappuccino is considered to be a morning drink, but in the afternoon only espresso or macchiato are preferred, explaining that a large amount of milk is harmful to digestion.

КофеTea for Italians is rather a winter drink, it is used as a soothing agent or a cure during a cold.
By the way, a cup of coffee in Italy will be much cheaper than tea.

Food cult

It has not yet been possible to surprise the true Italian with any other cuisine in the world, so it is unlikely that they will ever trade in their national cuisine. About 90% of Italians consider Italian cuisine the best in the world. Food in Italy can be talked about for hours, enumerating what and where they have eaten, or what they will cook. If you’re in Italy, be prepared to meet food questions as often as “How are you?

Еда в ИталииIt is noteworthy that behind the Italian meal it is important that each dish is harmoniously combined with each other, there is no way to disrupt the sequence of dishes. No hard drinks at dinner, just wine for taste. Well, by dessert, they’re unlikely to offer tea, so as not to disturb the exquisite taste of the delicacy.

Fashion in Italy

The taste is in the blood of Italians. So many well-groomed men, who look after their appearance even more than Italian women, can be found only in Italy.



Marriage for Italians

Marrying under 25 is considered stupid and an unconscious step. Early marriages in Italy are very rare, with an average of 30-35 years for Italian men living with their parents. They approach the issue of family consciously, the family is more important for Italians than friendship. First, a career, a place to live, and then just the wife and kids. For some, this stage is delayed up to 40-50 years, in here divorce processes are very long, sometimes even up to 10 years.

Свадьба в Италии

Temperature and friendliness

If you’re in Italy, then get ready to be interested in “How are you doing?” and smile even to a stranger. Friendly and emotionally pleasing here. Yes, these are the kind of friendly and cheerful Italians who charge with their positive and energy.
For example, you go to an absolutely small town, and strangers, meeting in a narrow street, are always happy to exchange greetings. It’s a little bit of change, but it’s nice. Saying goodbye, you’ll have a good evening or a nice weekend.

In the street shoes around the house

It is normal for Italians not to offer their guests to take off their shoes, and the hosts themselves are not the first thing to hurry to take off their shoes when they enter their homes.

Привычки итальянцев

The slowness of the Italians

Have you ever heard the favorite expression of many Italians “Piano, piano”, which means “slowly”? This expression fully reflects the dimensionality of the Italians, especially in the South of Italy, when the sea and the sun are all around.

Cinema in Italy

While watching the movie, the lights will turn on at the climax and there will be a mandatory five-minute pause.

Кино в Италии

Taxes on almost everything

No matter how many people might imagine and dream of a beautiful Italian life, but the Italians do not have small taxes. You have to pay for almost everything, the list of things that are taxed seems endless.

Налоги в Италии

Appearance and active lifestyle

Sport for Italians is part of life. Even in old age, people pay a lot of attention to physical education. That’s why many of them stay in good shape even in old age. With the arrival of warm pores, the city’s parks are full of active sports enthusiasts.

What do you or do you not like about the Italian way of life?