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The real life of the models firsthand

Жизнь модели

The real life of models is firsthand. Reading the stories of celebrities, we are accustomed to hear the dizzying and fabulous stories of the world’s top models, watching the perfect life of the beauties shining on the covers of glossy magazines and world podiums.

«Don’t wait for starry parties, expensive hotels and limousines. Get ready for the hard everyday life of models that are fired on to create a spectacular appearance on the catwalk or capture a good shot, water, tight shoes, extreme shots and the envy of colleagues»

However, not all the models that you see on the streets of the capital Fashion, can boast the same sweet and cloudless life. The work of the model, however strange it may sound, as well as any other activity, requires hard work and effort. For many who are far from the field, the profession of modeling may seem just a happy ticket, good luck, turned into a pretty girl.

Как стать моделью
Diana Targa, Models Corner

Project “Life of a model firsthand”:

In our project “Life of a model firsthand” you will see the other side of the coin of the profession. We will slightly open the curtain of real life models working with the best Milanese and other world modeling agencies. The real life of a model can be far from what you imagine it to be.

Жизнь моделиWe will tell you about the life of the models in all its aspects: life in the model apartments, continuous castings, everyday work, the work of the model, how to monitor the diet and your body, and much more.
To work as a model means to work like in any other place, and in order to achieve the result, it is necessary to be devoted to the cause, of course, the share of luck here too will not hurt.

параметры модели

The model appearance is the certain parameters of the figure and an interesting image. The model is like a living dummy, the basic characteristics here are of course your physical data.
And yes, we’ll dispel the myth that if you’re a model, you can’t eat anything! Models definitely eat, and how! Of course, the plus for many people is that they can boast not such a propensity to gain weight, and no one canceled the physical work on themselves.
With this article, we will begin our journey through the maze of model life. I’m sure you’ll find out a lot of things.

Модели мода
Diana Targa for Mario Dice Show

We will be introduced to the real stories of models of elite Milanese agencies by Diana Targa, a popular 22-year-old model that has already been to different fashion capitals, participating in leading fashion shows and working with the world’s fashion houses.
Reference to the original Model Corners article