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Wine bars and wine tastings in Milan. The best Italian wines

For its variety of wines, Italy can only be envied. One of the points of the gastronomic journey for many, of course, is wine tasting. What about those who don't have enough time to go on a vineyard trip and visit a real family wine cellar?

The best bars and restaurants in Milan. Where to eat in Milan

Have you tried the usual bars or trattorias? Looking for unusual places in Milan that are in great demand among the locals? Then get to know the exotic and original places in Milan, which are among the best bars and restaurants in the city.

Sushi restaurant Temakinho in the center of Milan. What to try in Milan

A new opening on Duomo Square is scheduled for June. I'm sure everyone who loves sushi in Milan has been to this most popular place more than once. Temakinho is also the first restaurant to combine a piece of Japanese and South American.

Real truffles in Milan. Savini Tartufi Truffle Restaurant

Truffle mushrooms are characterized by strong aroma and slightly nutty taste, the high cost of these mushrooms is due to the specific conditions for their growth and the method of collection. The most valuable is the white truffle

Traveling outside of Milan. Fur farmsteads, tastings

Traveling around Milan is the best agro-estate tasting. For those who want to taste real Italian dishes cooked in the best traditions according to old family recipes, it is necessary to arrange a gastronomic trip in popu...

Where to eat in Milan. Rossini restaurant and pizzeria in the city center

One of the main questions to complete the shopping and sightseeing program in Milan: "Where is the delicious meal in the center of Milan, not having missed the choice of the restaurant? I mean, not all the restaurants in the city center

Where to go in Milan. Aperitif overlooking the Terrazza Aperol, Obicà, Signorvino

An aperitif in downtown Milan overlooking the Duomo At first sight, Milan falls in love with his bustling life, narrow streets and incredible atmosphere. And here, in order to fully experience the life style of milanes...

Where to eat deliciously in Milan local restaurant Ristorante Rifugio

Where to eat in Milan: Ristorante Rifugio Every region of Italy is rich in traditional dishes and delicacies, and if we talk about northern Italy, it is impossible to ignore the region of Alto Adige, a province in north...

Milan Fashion Week: Fashionable restaurants and establishments

After New York and London Fashion Week, Woman Fashion Week catches up with Milan. During Fashion Week, the city hosts many cocktail parties and events related to the long-awaited high fashion event. During this period...

Where to eat in Milan. Best restaurants in the city with discount TheFork Festival

The most anticipated event of the year! The best restaurants in the city with 50% discount. TheFork Festival 2017 starts on February 21, and you can start booking the best restaurants in the city at a discount! The form...

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The right way to make a perfect coffee with the Italian Moka pot

The famous geyser coffee maker, which in Italy is called "Moka", invented by the Italian Alfons Bialetti in 1933, is a true symbol of Italy. It owes its name to the Mokha area in Yemen famous for the goodness of its coffee beans.