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Gelato Festival in Milan in May

Try the real gelato italiano of all tastes in the heart of Milan on 12 and 13 May 2018. Ahead of the most long-awaited ice cream festival Gelato Festival, which has already become a tradition. For the ninth time in Milan, Piazza Castello will bring together great masters to create the most delicious gelato artigianale.

TOP ice cream in Milan gelateria gusto 17

The new gelateria gusto 17: The new Gelateria Gusto 17, where you create tastes yourself. Feel the aromatic smell of lemon and raspberry and rediscover the taste of natural almonds in the ice cream at via Savona 17.

Gelato Festival in Milan. Summer in Milan

Gelato Festival Milan ice cream festival. The hot summer days are coming, which means that very soon Milan will host the long-awaited ice cream festival, which has become a traditional event taking place all over Italy.

What to try in Milan. Italian ice cream in gelateria Q. B.

The real gelato italiano in Q. B. Gelateria TOP Pistachio Taste The success of a real Italian ice cream is not only the use of quality ingredients, the right proportions, it is also the ability to improvise, to be insp...

Straight from Paris: L’Eclair de Genie in downtown Milan

The L'Eclair de Genie Eclair in Milan: Straight from Paris: L'Eclair de Genie in downtown Milan. French candy lovers can already lick and drool. Yes, in the heart of Milan, right from Paris, the new eclectic L'Eclair de Genie. If you want eclairs, then you should really get acquainted with desserts from the best creator

A real Sicilian ice cream in Milan in the gelateria Tasta

A real Sicilian ice cream in Milan at Gelateria Tasta. Finally, in Milan, you can try a real Sicilian ice cream: the famous gelateria Tasta opened in Milan.

One of the best gelatoes in Milan: gelateria naninà

Gelato in Milan: Gelateria Naninà One of the best gelatoes in Milan: gelateria Naninà. Only the most unusual flavors of ice cream. Gelateria Naninà is a real kingdom of Italian ice cream! This jellyfish can be listed as one of the best

The Gelato Festival is back in Milan. The most delicious ice cream of the year

The hot summer days are coming, and very soon Milan will also host the long-awaited ice cream festival, which has become a traditional event and takes place all over Italy.

Pavè Gelati e Granite Bar in Milan

The opening of PAVÉ GELATI E GRANITE is undoubtedly the event everyone has been waiting for. One of the best pastishes in Pavé has opened its gelateria! Every detail of the interior here is studied to the smallest detail to match all trends

Milan’s best Gelateria is now downtown

The best gelateria in Milan opened a new branch in the heart of the city on 29 June 2015. Now you can treat yourself to the most delicious ice cream in Gelateria della Musica just 10 minutes walk from the Duomo, at Corso...

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