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An aperitif in the center of Milan near the Duomo. Unusual atmospheric locations

Would you like to enjoy an aperitif in the centre of Milan in a pleasant place, which is not only for tourists? Here are some good places to stay for a classic aperitif with quality wine, beer or cocktail. A real relaxation just a few steps from the Duomo.

Wine bars and wine tastings in Milan. The best Italian wines

For its variety of wines, Italy can only be envied. One of the points of the gastronomic journey for many, of course, is wine tasting. What about those who don't have enough time to go on a vineyard trip and visit a real family wine cellar?

Spring in Italy. Favorite places of Italians Mint Garden, Fioraio Bianchi, Potafiori

In anticipation of warm evenings and aperitifs in the open air, gathered for you a selection of three extremely successful Milanese establishments, where the spring atmosphere is fully felt: FioraioBianchi, Mint Garden, Potafiori. In addition to the restaurant service, flowers are even sold here.

March 8th holiday in Milan, unusual bars in Milan

Would you like to get together for an aperitif to celebrate March 8th? Check out the Riad food garden, a graceful bistrot full of unusual plants and objects. By the way, decorations can even be purchased here, so mini-shopping is guaranteed

Summer in Milan. The best aperitif bars in the open air

On sunny days in the city, there's no way to get together for an aperitif outdoors. A few addresses in Milan for a great aperitif in the summer. For example, to admire the skyscrapers of the city at Bésame Mucho

Bagni Misteriosi in Milan. Sunbathing, swimming pool, aperitif and more

Bagni Misteriosi Milan pool aperitif. Do you want to have an aperitif under the stars, take part in sports games or just do sports, as well as to sunbathe by the pool? Does it all seem like a dream? Well, no, because from May 4 to June 4, 2017

Spring break in Milan. Outdoor aperitifs in the city center

Spring break in Milan, aperitifs outdoors. For those who want to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with a glass of good wine or a quality cocktail in a green garden, we offer th...

Where to go in Milan. Aperitif overlooking the Terrazza Aperol, Obicà, Signorvino

An aperitif in downtown Milan overlooking the Duomo At first sight, Milan falls in love with his bustling life, narrow streets and incredible atmosphere. And here, in order to fully experience the life style of milanes...

MOSCATELLI aperitif bar in the center of Milan on Corso Garibaldi

A traditional Milanese aperitif in the Moscova area in one of the city's oldest enotechs. For those who want to have a glass of good wine and try fresh traditional Italian focaccia and pizza. There are also dishes for vegetarians. Moscatelli is located next to the famous Pattini e Marinoni bakery

BODEGUITA DEL MEDIO aperitif on Navigli. Corner of Cuba and the best mojito

A corner of Cuba in one of the most picturesque places of the city - Navigli. Here you can taste real Cuban rum and Hemengway's favorite drinks! The Cuban atmosphere is created not only by the interior and music, but also by the snacks of Cuban cuisine. Snacks are served at the table when ordering a cocktail.

Free in Milan

National Museum of Science and Technology “Leonardo da Vinci”, admission is free on February ...

The National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci (Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci) on the occasion of its 67th anniversary gives an excellent opportunity for visitors with the free admission to the museum and its exhibits. On Saturday, February 15 from 19:00 to 23:00 the museum will be open to everyone.