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Panettone: the legends about the origin of the Christmas pie of Milan

Its true origin dates back to the Middle Ages when the “bread of luxury” was allowed to be tasted only on the Christmas Eve. Nowadays Christmas in Milan wouldn't be the same without this traditional sweet pie!

Coffee bars in Milan

If you're a fan of this refreshing drink, you can't do without a classic espresso. In Milan, there are more and more new places offering different sorts and mixes of coffee. So, five seats in Milan for a great coffee break.

Aperitivo in the center of Milan near the Duomo. Unusual atmospheric locations

Would you like to enjoy an aperitif in the centre of Milan in a pleasant place, which is not only for tourists? Here are some good places to stay for a classic aperitif with quality wine, beer or cocktail. A real relaxation just a few steps from the Duomo.

What to try in Milan. Top 10 Hot Chocolate Tasting Places

It's time to share places in Milan where they serve delicious hot chocolate. A cup of chocolate drink with your favorite additives is the best dessert and drink during winter walks. The 10 best places to taste delicious hot chocolate in Milan:

New Starbucks coffee shop in the centre of Milan. For the first time in Italy

Milan, the capital of the fashion industry, is ready to conquer the first Starbucks facility in Italy and will also become one of the largest in Europe. The Starbucks network in Italy was inspired by the visit of its founder Howard Schultz in 1983

Italian tradition. Five things you can envy Italy

The glamorous city of Milan offers its residents and visitors a huge choice of restaurants, great shopping and a wide range of entertainment for nightlife. But there is something else from the Italian way of life and tradition that you begin to miss so much, barely leaving Italy.

Gelato Festival in Milan in May

Try the real gelato italiano of all tastes in the heart of Milan on 12 and 13 May 2018. Ahead of the most long-awaited ice cream festival Gelato Festival, which has already become a tradition. For the ninth time in Milan, Piazza Castello will bring together great masters to create the most delicious gelato artigianale.

Wine bars and wine tastings in Milan. The best Italian wines

For its variety of wines, Italy can only be envied. One of the points of the gastronomic journey for many, of course, is wine tasting. What about those who don't have enough time to go on a vineyard trip and visit a real family wine cellar?

The best bars and restaurants in Milan. Where to eat in Milan

Have you tried the usual bars or trattorias? Looking for unusual places in Milan that are in great demand among the locals? Then get to know the exotic and original places in Milan, which are among the best bars and restaurants in the city.

Sushi restaurant Temakinho in the center of Milan. What to try in Milan

A new opening on Duomo Square is scheduled for June. I'm sure everyone who loves sushi in Milan has been to this most popular place more than once. Temakinho is also the first restaurant to combine a piece of Japanese and South American.

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