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Fashion trends spring-summer 2017

We can confidently say that this spring is ruled by the 80s, the wildest and most controversially fashionable decade of the last century. Prepare notebooks and pens, watch the fashion trends of spring-summer 2017.

In the Halloween trend

I hope you didn't think to buy a fancy dress?! Halloween is approaching, a time when we can give free rein to our own fantasy, to become a different person for a day, to give in to a new style, in ordinary life, wh...

Fashionable landmarks spring-summer 2016

Let's set the fashionable accents for this spring Like everyone else, spring is the most anticipated time of year for me, largely due to the warm weather, change of wardrobe and new trends. The noble shade of Marsala ha...

Spring-Summer 2016 Fashionable colors

My law is not to argue with the wind, he knows where he's blowing All we stylists have to do is determine his direction Gianni Versace Each fashion season dictates its own trends in the color palette. So, which ...

New Year’s Eve 2016 trends

There are only a few days left until the main party in 2016. If you did not have time to prepare carefully, it does not mean that you need to take up the basic black dress hanging in the wardrobe "just in case". There's ...

Fur accessories – autumn trend – winter 2015-2016

When it gets cold, even the accessories are wrapped in warm furs. Bags, scarves, gloves and shoes with fur trim are one of the hottest trends of the cold season. With these accessories, the phone, lipstick and keys will ...

Autumn-winter 2015-2016 trends

Main trends in the new autumn-winter 2015-2016 season Victorian style, retro-futurism, ethno, pop art of the 60s, boho 70s, disco 80s, gothic, do you think this is the content of the textbook on fashion history? Not at ...

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Svetlana Damilano: personal stylist, shopper and style consultant

"I don't chase fashion, its trends, I prefer style, comfort. I use the same principles in my work. I like to work with clients who choose quality, functionality, individuality and do not "chase" the notorious brands.

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