Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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Turban or bandage. Ideas on how to wear

In addition to the straw hat and baseball cap, you can cover your head in hot weather and decorate it in dozens of ways. Thrill the shawl lovers! The bandages and turbans this season are at their peak. And although I ha...


Basic T-shirts do not happen much simply because this subject of a wardrobe mega universal, variable and gets along in any wardrobe, regardless of style, status and age! Catch examples of current options to wear the base...

BUCKET BAG how to choose the right bucket bag

So, the main thing and the first thing you have to decide for yourself, this bag will be a BASIC or ACCENT one. I am for a universal wardrobe and therefore my choice is stopped in 95% of cases on the basic models (without decoration and one color), because the accents can always be added actual for the current season accessories: key chains, decorative extra. handles, handkerchiefs, patches, etc.

#hottrend – Bloods in SEZON SS’18

This season Balenciaga sports shoes sets the rhythm of comfortable gait of all fashionista women on the streets of fashionable capitals. In everyday life, we draw the following conclusion: sports sneakers for outfitting become

BASE BUSINESS Choose the right investment

Although half of the cold season is over, today we will figure out which models of downhole are worth the investment and in which you will be on the wave of the coming seasons;)

Everything you need to know about the Diesel Black Gold collection

Another Autumn/Winter Fashion Week took place in Milan. One of the morning shows, by tradition, was the brand Diesel Black Gold. We will learn 5 main directions of the new brand collection: 1. Longer and longer Andre...

Casting, how does every model’s day begin

Casting, how does every model's day begin? Let's get back to our casting theme. Casting for a model (like a job interview) is a nightmare that can turn into a moment of joy for every model at any given time. It's hard to...

Model life: first steps

Model life: first steps. All those who think that the life of a model is just to walk a couple of steps on the podium or pose a couple of times in front of the camera, are wrong! Let's slightly open the curtain of this i...

The real life of the models firsthand

The real life of models is firsthand. Reading the stories of celebrities, we are accustomed to hear the dizzying and fabulous stories of the world's top models, watching the perfect life of the beauties shining on ...

In the Halloween trend

I hope you didn't think to buy a fancy dress?! Halloween is approaching, a time when we can give free rein to our own fantasy, to become a different person for a day, to give in to a new style, in ordinary life, wh...


Christmas markets and New Year holidays in Milan

Milan's Christmas markets are ready to begin with Christmas and New Year just around the corner. As always, Milan is waiting for the markets, where a variety of artigianale products, accessories, clothing, children's toys and more will be presented. A great opportunity to choose something as a gift for your loved ones.