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“Dinner in white” for everyone on July 2 under Milan’s sky

Cena in Bianco в Милане

The largest flash mob “Cena in Bianca” (“White dinner”), invented for the first time in Paris by the French Francois Pasquier, has been taking place year after year all over the world, gathering thousands of people.флэшмоб Ужин в Белом в Милане This year, on July 2, the White Dinner will be held in Milan. It is also called a secret “white dinner”, as traditionally the place of dinner is kept secret, which can be found out only a few hours before the beginning. Of course, the dinner venue will be one of the historical places of the capital, which can be easily reached by any type of transport.

Everyone can participate in this event for free. You only need to sign up for dinner by sending an e-mail to [email protected], always specifying the number of people at your table.
Here’s the official Facebook page of the event.

The only thing that is required from the participants is to dress in white, bring your “picnic” for dinner. If you wish, you can grab original decorations and tableware for your table. Here your imagination is boundless, show your individuality, but remember that the dominant color is white. And keep in mind: no plastic dishes and glasses, welcome ceramic dishes, napkins and tablecloth in white tones, flowers and many candles.Сервировка стола Ужин в белом Those who want to discuss and share menu ideas and table settings can do so on the facebook page of the event. Accentuate your individuality and enjoy a romantic, elegant open-air dinner in Milan with your loved ones.

We need to know:

  • You can find out about the dinner venue in the evening, the day before the event, or in the morning of July 2. It is recommended to keep track of updates in the group and stay online.
  • You’re allowed to take children and animals to dinner.
  • For those who do not have a couple or company, but who want to join the event, a group of like-minded people has been created, where you can agree with new acquaintances to attend the event together.
  • Dinner starts at 8:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m

What you need to take with you:

  • Folding tables and picnic chairs, this task is better entrusted to the male sex.
  • Plates, cutlery, glasses, tablecloths and napkins. Remember: the dress code for the table layout is elegant and white.
  • Food and beverages: The best way to prepare something light, such as snacks (cheese or meat slices, bruschetta), sushi, wine and champagne.

Меню для Cena in Bianco в Милане


  • corkscrew
  • lighter
  • slicer
  • Bread, salt, pepper, butter
  • camera
  • garbage bag (don’t forget to clean up after dinner, it’s important to leave the city clean)

The main idea of the dinner is to share a wonderful time together, to show the unity of human unity.
If you want to share your dinner photos, use the following hashteg: #cenaconme #lacamerachiara #ilgiardinoplanetario #cap10 #gillesclement #lovemilano