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What to try in Italy. Italian cocktails, history and recipes

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Italians know a lot about good drinks. As experts in the wine industry, they have succeeded in making cocktails as well.
The names of the legendary Italian cocktails worth tasting while in Italy: Negroni, Bellini, Americano, Spritz and Negroni Sbagliato.

Коктейли в Италии

Top 5 Most Italian Cocktails:

Negroni – 1919/1925

Negroni is a traditionally orange alcoholic cocktail, invented in Florence in 1919-1925 by the bartender Luigi Scarselli for Count Camillo Negroni.
Once Scarselli bartender came up with a new version of his favorite pink drink “Americano” for the Count, making the cocktail even more “Americanist”. He just added gin instead of soda, giving the cocktail an even greater personality. Since then, the Negroni cocktail has gained incredible popularity.



1/3 gin;
1/3 bitter Campari;
1/3 dry red vermouth;
decorate with orange slice.

Bellini – 1938/1948

Alcoholic cocktail, invented in the first half of XX century in Venice in the famous Harry’s Bar di Venezia Giuseppe Cipriani. The cocktail is a mixture of sparkling wine (traditionally prosecco) and peach puree. The drink is one of the official cocktails of the International Bartenders Association (IBA).



5 ripe white peaches;
750 ml. sparkling wine prosekko;
50 g. sugar (optional);
ice cubes.
Grind peaches by hand and pass through the sieve, add sugar if desired. Mix the ice, peach puree and sparkling wine in a shaker and then strain the contents into the glasses so that no ice gets in.

Americano – 1860

This cocktail was invented in 1860 by Gaspar Kampari. Gaspar Kamipari was the first to mix red vermouth with Campari liqueur, and he reduced the bitterness of the drink by diluting the soda cocktail. Alcoholic drink became a real hit.



50 ml of sweet red vermouth;
50 ml. Campari;
15-50 ml soda;
ice cubes;
orange for decoration.


Spritz is an Italian drink from Veneto. A real must-try during an aperitif in Italy. Weak alcoholic beverage is a mixture of white wine or prosecco, Aperol or Campari and soda water.


The original Venetian recipe for Spritz:

60 ml of Prosecco;
40 ml of Aperol/ Campari or other bitter;
Spray with soda water (or tonic);

Negroni Sbagliato – 1969
(False Negroni)

This cocktail appeared when Mirko Stocketto poured sparkling wine instead of gin in the process of making it. The new cocktail has become so popular that it was included in the menu called “Erroneous Negroni”.

negroni sbagliato


1/3 red vermouth;
1/3 Campari;
1/3 Prosecco;
orange slice for decoration.