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Christmas holidays in Milan, where to skate in Milan

Каток в Милане

2018-2019 skating rinks in Milan. Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Milan

With the arrival of the winter season in Milan, there are many places where figure skaters can have fun riding one of the favorite skating rinks in the city.

So, where can I skate in Milan this winter?

On piazza Gae Aulenti The skating rink is open until February 17th, with a view of Milan skyscrapers in one of the most popular squares of the city. The cost of rent is 8 euros.

Gae Aulenti каток

The ice rink at Bagni Misteriosi open from December 2 to January 6.
The popular swimming pool will turn into an ice rink in winter. Here it will be possible to take a ride to music, to become an eyewitness of performances, and also, having wrapped in warm plaids, to taste hot aromatic wine, children are waiting for children’s performances and fairy tales.

Bagni misteriosi каток

The skating rink at the mall Milanofiori on ice An ice rink for adults and children, music and fun for the whole family. The ice rink is open until March 3, 2019.
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In Città di Lombardia Square With the assistance of the Federazione italiana Sport del Ghiaccio, a ski area has been created, which runs from December 2 to January 20.

For the most fabulous atmosphere, go to Wonderland Village in Giardini Indro Montanellia 1,000-square-meter skating rink in the heart of Milan.

Villaggio delle meraviglie Milan

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